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informacion de los incas yahoo dating

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For most of the 20th century, the center of cosmopolitan Aymara culture might've been Chuquiago Marka La Paz. Distribution of pre-Hispanic peoples in Chile. The Aymara flag is known as the Wiphala ; it consists of seven colors quilted together with diagonal stripes. The native language of the Aymaras is Aymara. Many of Aymaras speak Spanish as a second or first language, when it is the predominant language in the areas where they live.

informacion de los incas yahoo dating

The Aymara language has one surviving relative, spoken by a small, isolated group of about 1, people far to the north in the mountains inland from Lima in Central Peru in and around the village of Tupe, Yauyos province, Lima department. This language, whose two varieties are known as Jaqaru and Kawki, [7] is of the same family as Aymara. Some linguists refer to this language as 'Central Aymara.

informacion de los incas yahoo dating

Most of contemporary Aymaran urban culture was developed in the working-class Aymara neighborhoods of La Pazsuch as Chijini and others. Both Quechua and Aymara women in Peru and Bolivia took up the style of wearing bowler hats since the s. According to legend, a shipment of bowler hats was sent from Europe to Bolivia via Peru for use by Europeans working on railroad construction.

When the hats were found to be too small, they were given to the indigenous peoples.

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It is an urban tradition of dress. This style of dress has become part of ethnic identification by Aymara women.

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Many Aymara live and work as campesinos in the surrounding Altiplano. The Aymaras have grown and chewed coca plants for centuries, using its leaves in traditional medicine as well as in ritual offerings to the father god Inti Sun and the mother goddess Pachamama Earth. During the last century, there has been conflict with state authorities over this plant during drug wars; the officials have carried out coca eradication to prevent the extraction and isolation of the drug cocaine.

informacion de los incas yahoo dating

But, the ritual use of coca has a central role in the indigenous religions of both the Aymaras and the Quechuas. Coca is used in the ritual curing ceremonies of the yatiri. Since the late 20th century, its ritual use has become a symbol of cultural identity.

Chairo is a traditional stew of the Aymaras.

informacion de los incas yahoo dating

It also contains herbs such as coriander and spices. It is native to the region of La Paz. The tumi was a crescent-shaped metal knife used in sacrifices. While some scholars, such as Christopher B. Donnan and Izumi Shimadaargue that the sacrificial victims were the losers of ritual battles among local elites, others, such as John Verano and Richard Suttersuggest that the sacrificial victims were warriors captured in territorial battles between the Moche and other nearby societies.

Excavations in plazas near Moche huacas have found groups of people sacrificed together and the skeletons of young men deliberately excarnatedperhaps for temple displays. Verano believes that some parts of the victim may have been eaten as well in ritual cannibalism.

informacion de los incas yahoo dating

Moche iconography features a figure which scholars have nicknamed the "Decapitator"; it is frequently depicted as a spider, but sometimes as a winged creature or a sea monster: When the body is included, the figure is usually shown with one arm holding a knife and another holding a severed head by the hair; it has also been depicted as "a human figure with a tiger's mouth and snarling fangs".

Collapse[ edit ] There are several theories as to what caused the demise of the Moche political structure.

Moche culture

Some scholars have emphasised the role of environmental change. Other evidence demonstrates that these events did not cause the final Moche demise. For instance, in the Jequetepeque Valley, later settlements are characterized by fortifications and defensive works. While there is no evidence of a foreign invasion, as many scholars have suggested in the past i.

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The Moche co-existed with the Ica-Nazca culture in the south. They are thought to have had some limited contact with the Ica-Nazca because they later mined guano for fertilizer and may have traded with northerners. Moche pottery has been found near Ica, but no Ica-Nazca pottery has been found in Moche territory.

The coastal Moche culture also co-existed or overlapped in time with the slightly earlier Recuay culture in the highlands.