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promote dating offers

Promoting dating offers. Cpamatica does. First step i have tried with other members. Best blood pressure products, match. The sec protects investors in brisbane. Through CPC-CPM ad networks probably. You may use this checklist to make sure you're doing it right: How to make money on CPA offers. I will tell you what kind of dating offers there are, how it all works, what HOW CAN WE MAKE MONEY BY PROMOTING DATING OFFERS?.

Revshare — works mostly on mainstream dating websites. You are getting paid a certain percentage when a user purchases a membership. Revshare is a great choice if you are willing to wait for people to convert. Price per sale — you receive a flat rate per each membership sold. Another interesting fact, the prices per lead can also depend on gender, with higher payouts for female leads. Other conditions How often can you withdraw your earnings?

promote dating offers

Minimal withdrawal amount Part 3. How to promote dating offers? What are the most important aspects of a dating promo? Irina believes that a truly successful offer rests on two pillars: This way, you will have a clear idea of how good the offer is, how well your creatives are converting, and what ad formats are the delivering the results.

Read more about the Tiers of Traffic Finding the right creatives A couple of pre-landers Creatives for Native Ads As you could notice, you should have more than one set of creatives because dating vertical is very demanding, and creatives burn out very fast.

Read more about pre-landers. What should be on creatives? And here comes the BIG surprise for all those who are far from affiliate marketing. Let me disappoint you! In terms of offers, the dating vertical includes all kinds of adult-themed platforms — apps, websites, live cams, etc.

Non-adult traffic can technically be used for dating offers but is not likely to convert. Adult traffic, on the other hand, can be used for other verticals — pin submits, app installs, gambling, etc.

promote dating offers

Using adult traffic must be allowed by the advertiser that supplied the offer you want to promote. When trying to further distinguish between the segments of adult traffic, some also break it down into surfers looking for free content much higher volumes, lower conversions and those who paid for subscription smaller volumes, high conversions.

It is important to understand the ways in which you can segment your traffic when working with traffic sources, as it can make or break your campaign. Be prepared to have your banners and prelanders ripped in a matter of hours. It might seem absurd at times, but such is the reality.

promote dating offers

To get a competitive edge, invest hard in your creatives. For user it is easier to access the mailbox on the computer.

Summer Rush: Choosing a Perfect Dating Offer

If to look in general. The more memberships you can sell, the larger revenue share you can get. The better dating site you promote, the longer your members will keep on renewing, which means more revenue for you.

promote dating offers

Truth to be told, this model is the most complicated to work with for affiliates running paid traffic. The reason is simple, you need to wait up to 6 months, if not longer, to see the full potential of the memberships that you sold, which is a large problem when optimizing your campaigns.

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The way it works is: PPS is also very resistant to quality problems, credit card fraud and unusually short membership durations are the only posible problems basically. This is the safest model for any dating site owner by far.

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Again, your revenue matches with your spend, but you have less info for optimization. My recommendation to whoever asks about what models to work with would be like this: Definitely start with SOI offers, those are the easiest to optimize and the perfect choice for testing.

Move to DOI offers once you got the basics nailed down and learn how to work with them. Advanced dating affiliates should start to work closely with their AMs and learn what methods produce the most paying members, focus on those and switch part of their traffic to PPS or Revshare once they know what traffic converts into paying members. Mainstream dating works very well with other smaller social networks, native ad networks, it converts targeted email traffic like a charm … it takes some effort, but there is a lot of money to be made there.

Just like with mainstream dating, niches work well in adult dating too — there are sites for all the most popular fetishes, including the most awkward ones. Adult is profitable, but we are still winning with mainstream offers.

Summer Rush: Choosing a Perfect Dating Offer

Because of our unique conditions with mainstream dating projects, many affiliates are working with them through us. There are many traffic types that you can choose to promote dating offers with, and you can also build your funnels in several ways. The question is, how complicated setups you want to go into … are you looking for something simple to setup and get fast results… or are you looking for a sophisticated solution that will take a lot of time and effort to put together. On one hand, you could simply buy some POP traffic from a traffic network and send it to a dating offer … this would be the simplest approach.

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On the other one, you could setup your own lead capture funnel, buy highly targeted adwords traffic, sort the users based on some questionnaire and then try to up-sell them to dating sites matching their profile. So, instead of confusing you even more, or giving you false hopes for fast and easy solutions … let me give you some advice or best practice tips, based on my own experience with promoting dating offers.

Sending traffic directly to the dating offers, will most likely result in poor numbers — unless you can target very precisely or pre-qualify the visits somehow. POP traffic usually causes the most quality problems, banners and text links work the best. Email traffic is also awesome, but usually the most expensive. POPs are not the best choice for dating many advertisers forbid this traffic type, because quality is really bad. For adult dating — banner is the best choice.

Quality is good, and advertisers are usually happy with such traffic. Good looking, attractive … but REAL looking females will work the best for any creative materials.

promote dating offers

The right female on your banners and landing pages can literally make or break your campaigns. Every experienced dating affiliate understands the need to test large quantities of banners and landing pages, they tend to burn out pretty quickly — especially in adult dating.

If you have Asian women on your banners, make sure there are Asian women also on the Landing Page and on the Offer itself, for example. Point 2 is related to this one, the angle starts with the choice of the imagery. Keep that in mind! Mainstream dating converts well by using reviews or classifieds-style Landing pages… Illustrated stories erotic can convert both mainstream and adult dating offers… Feel free to build your angles around this too.

Focus on Lead Quality: Focus on older demographics, do not mislead your users, do not promise everything for FREE, explain the registration process and focus on quality traffic sources. Test a lot of offers: In order to find some, you need to test a lot of various offers from a range of advertisers. This is one of the reasons why I always recommend new affiliates to start with affiliate networks, instead of trying to work with direct advertisers.

Every direct advertiser has a limited amount of offers, while an affiliate network can have literally hundreds of them to choose from.

Feel free to work with direct advertisers too, later on, but definitely start with affiliate networks — the pros absolutely out-weight the cons in the beginning.