Epic battle fantasy 3 music newgrounds dating

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epic battle fantasy 3 music newgrounds dating

Take a break and have something to eat outside of battle. . The long awaited sequel to Epic Battle Fantasy 3! Everything is Sort By: Date Score Music. Views: 1,,; Faves: 7,; Votes: 2,; Score: / You can play the games on Newgrounds or Kongregate: the first one, the second one and Awesome but Practical: The Deep Blue gunblade in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. . If only for the music. .. The Blind Date, the Cheapskate and the Primate. Although Matt Roszak is the creator of Epic Battle Fantasy series, much of this puts out samples of the music on her accounts on Newgrounds, SoundCloud, and To buy the album "The Music of Epic Battle Fantasy III" or listen its free tracks.

The bonus version of the third boss is essentially Utsuhocomplete with a near-replica of her Mega Flare spellcard. Lance's bomb is his giant laser attack, which works remarkably like a Master Spark here. Except that he still moves at full speed when using it. This may also be a minor reference to the developer's Newgrounds account: Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Following the third game, this game also has many, many, many shout-outs.

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The cutscenes are done in same artwork style of Phantom Hourglass ' story cutscenes. The puppy cap is available as a hat. There is a snowman of Balrog in the game. The differently toned eye lines are hard to see but there. You can use a honeycomb to increase your max life. There is a character who looks like Ash Ketchum holding a stick in the beginning battle areas.

In the beginning town of Greenwood, there are boulders that can be moved by the player. Moving them awards you the achievement "Used Strength". You also get medals for using the axe, candle, and hammer for the first time, respectively named "Used Cut", "Used Flash", and "Used Rock Smash".

There is a man with a large sword called "Gust" with spiky light blond hair. In the beginning town, there is a man named Alphonse with metal arms who identifies himself as an alchemist.

More than one Minecraft reference is made during the game. The party meets a miner who advises them to "never dig straight up or down", which makes Lance reminisce of a mining trip that was ruined by spiders and exploding monsters. Bullet Heaven 2 reveals that this is because his father was blown up by a creeper, leaving only his shovel, some wood, and a single chunk of coal. A mage named Mia who's used to the snow shows up in Whitefall. Along with the numerous other snowmen, there are two Djinn outside a shop in the same village, a Mercury and Jupiter with the wrong color gems for eyes.

Returning snowmen include the Final Fantasy I character classes and Kirby. Upon a weak attack early in the game, Matt quips the below line, but he will do it more with other attacks and monsters as well.

epic battle fantasy 3 music newgrounds dating

Generic bird monster uses wing attack. It's not very effective. There's also the Hyper Beam attack, what seems to be a dead Pikachu in Greenwood, and plants who can use Solar Beam, as noted by Natalie. In the Waste Disposal Plant, at a door requiring 3 batteries to open, Matt says that he's confused.

Natalie tells him not to hit himself in his confusion. There is an old man with a long beard and white hair named Humblebore a Captain Ersatz of Dumbledore from Harry Potter. A witch NPC named Blair offers a quest and gives you cat ears for completing it. The Blair Witch Project: A movie about a witch in a forest. There's a witch NPC named Blair, who says, when talked to after completing her quest: Witches get a bad reputation for some reason.

epic battle fantasy 3 music newgrounds dating

Maybe it's all that voodoo stuff they leave in forests. His body couldn't take it. Matt's Soul Eater sword, which greatly boosts his physical attack at the cost of large cuts to everything else. It's just not worth it on most difficulties, or in the third game without extensive upgrading. The Catastrophe summon in the first game, which most people recommend using once in the entire game, to deal the last blow to the final boss, because it nearly kills Natalie when used.

Ion in the second game does damage to both party members, though the damage isn't quite as bad.

epic battle fantasy 3 music newgrounds dating

The two self-damaging limit breaks in 3 are pretty tame by comparison, especially since you're already spending your whole limit bar and want to get as much bang out of that turn as possible. In addition, the gunblade's abilities itself are fantastic: Took a Level In Badass: Although, he was a relatively weak boss in the first Epic Battle Fantasy, and pathetically weak in the quick-draw competition.

It applies to items in all of the games, but it then expands to drops in the third game and is averted with equipment. Justified in the third game, where doing something stupid makes the heroes lose all their equipment and get depowered. In the third game. Unfortunately, it does not end well. Some enemies also use them.

The Gunslingers in particular have a massive cannon that attempts to instantly kill a party member. This is also lampshaded ingame: That's without even getting into all of the giant energy weaponslike the Protector's super cannon.

That's also a gunblade. A lot of Matt's swords. Meow Meow the kitty wields a huge meat cleaver to chop your enemies into pieces. Akron's lower body is able to belch a massive Laser Blade for massive damage to the whole party.

His Evil Worm can also regurgitate a huge sword to hit a party member.

epic battle fantasy 3 music newgrounds dating

Swordslinger robots possess enormous swords as well. Guess what he and Natalie do to the Giant Sand Worm after defeating it in the second game.

You know, the one with poisonous blood. Taken Up to Eleven in the third game.

epic battle fantasy 3 music newgrounds dating

First, the whole group throws up while eating slimes except for Natalie; she threw up before she could eat one. Then it is implied that they ate the Giant Squid boss. Finally, Matt and Lance try to eat the last Woolly Mammoth after defeating it.

Only Natz's pity for the creature saves it from becoming dinner. After the party defeats a turtle enemy: Let's make a turtle soup out of this guy! In the volcano area, Matt comments that it's a shame they didn't get to kill whatever left those giant skeletons around, because the lava would've made it easy to cook.

A few screens later they fight a dragon, though sadly aren't shown eating it. The second game has a "blood" option. There are 4 in 3. They are just the normal bosses but harder.

Epic Battle Fantasy III Music: Wings [Extended]

In Adventure Story, most bosses summon mooks which drop mana and health recovery bubbles to keep you supplied during the fight in a Cave Story -ish manner. Akron reveals his origins or what he can remember of them, anyways and contemplates the purpose of his existence while pummeling the living daylights out of you.

The party themselves, of course, provides this for most of the bosses in 3. Boss in Mook Clothing: The three monolith enemies in 3, immune to all but two or three elements each and with loads of health, who alternate between moderatly effective attacks and whole-party-hitting lasers powerful enough to one-hit-kill which inflict status effects freeze for the first, dispel for the other two, and instant death as well for the last on Epic mode.

Epic Battle Fantasy / Shout Out - TV Tropes

And they buff each other. Oh, and they always use the laser on their first turn, and unless you manage to stun one somehow they'll continue to all fire them on the same turn for the whole battle. There's one in Adventure Story, along with a "Foe Rush" which has rooms of the regular enemies from each level. Interestingly in the boss rush the arenas have been upgraded to make the fights much harder. Breaking the Fourth Wall: In the third game, Natz says, "Why are the jellyfish flying?

Would it be harder just to draw some water underneath?

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In one of the first two games, when Natz does her limit break and thus gets a jiggly breast close-up, she then has a chance to comment "That's enough Fanservice for now. The third game's breastplate armor for Natz. Akron has no arms to use for his casting poses, therefore alternative ways to cast his spells are necessary.

His first form has an electric breath and a dark breath, his second form has a humongous mouth and as such has an energy sword "breath", a dark beam breath, a huge death ball breath His Evil Worm has a bubble breath, a dark breath, and a poison breath. Same goes for the Sandworm.