Xsocial dating site reviews

lukonin.info Review - Learn How XSocial Defrauds Consumers |

xsocial dating site reviews

Online dating has been made easy, thanks to Reviews of lukonin.info You can join the site, create a free account and then proceed with your. Read This Review On lukonin.info And Learn How They Deceive & Defraud of these “likes” are completely fake and have been fabricated by the dating site. lukonin.info Is Working In Conjunction With Dating Scams Like lukonin.info To In our particular case we were redirected to a dating site called lukonin.info

But once again we are giving them the benefit of the doubt.

XSocial.com Review – XSocial.com Defrauding Consumers, Read The Report

We have done a full review of XSocial. Emails From Fake Girls Automated Bots One thing you need to be aware of is that this site does admit to creating fictitious profiles.

xsocial dating site reviews

We have sophisticated software called Tiny Eye which is a Firefox add on that you can use to identify where images are located all over the internet. We have included as evidence 3 profile photos that are shown below. We have also included the links to the exact locations to where these images are located on other websites. We have no way to prove that the dating site has actually created these specific fake dating profiles however in their own words they do admit to creating fictitious profiles so you have to wonder if these profiles were created by the site.

xsocial dating site reviews

This image is found numerous places: Found on Instagram here https: This is a fake Instagram account created to gather followers. This same exact image is found on a image forum here: So if you think you're receiving real email messages from legitimate girls think again, the chances are is that completely automated messages are being sent by the website.

xsocial dating site reviews

You may be wondering why a dating site would be sending out automated email messages? The reason is is that if you try to respond to the email messages you are asked to upgrade to a paid monthly subscription. So they send out fake email messages and then they require you to purchase a monthly subscription in order to read those messages.

This list of fake dating sites being promoted by them includes Loveaholics. Please continue as we will explain exactly how this con works.

lukonin.info Is Working In Conjunction With Dating Scams Like lukonin.info |

We explain how they get you to the fake dating sites, and why the dating websites are fictitious to begin with. Please read the full review below.

lukonin.info The Truth (REVIEW) - Reviews of lukonin.info

When you go to these sites and you click on their banner advertisement you are sent to their website, from there a fictitious questionnaire pops up that you need to answer before you are granted access to their bogus dating service they are promoting. They get a referral fee for every person that purchases a membership on the fake dating sites see fake dating site list above that they'e promoting.

You need to understand that these questions are not used to determine if you are eligible to gain access to the dating site. It's all just a marketing tactic created to make you believe that you must answer the questions the right way or you will not be allowed to gain access to the dating service.

It's all a trick! They use this because regardless of how you answer the questions you are always congratulated at the end and then redirected to whatever dating fraud that they're promoting at that present moment. It's all a deception, kind of like the Nigerian scam emails that congratulate you but at the same time request that you send them money.

It's all mine game in the end.

The Ultimate Investigation On XSocial.com Reveals The Truth (REVIEW)

At the end of the deception you're redirected to any number of dating sites that we described above Loveaholics. In our particular case we were redirected to a dating site called XSocial. You can take a look at the screenshot that we provided below circled in red it states that you "need to agree to receive communications such as emails from computer-generated profiles that are called "Virtual Hotties".

This screenshot was taken from the homepage of XSocial.

xsocial dating site reviews

They're admitting that they use phony profiles on their own website!