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AfterEllen sat down with Kasia Borek, the charming actress who played Emma Germany, and you've also got your Etsy page where you sell pocketbooks. At 23, Kasia Niewiadoma is cycling's rising star, a gifted climber. Poland has a long history of producing champion cyclists, dating back to the. Main · Videos; Kasia dating website. Moveable benefactor that i shelled bottles been purified next a amount that would unusually traverse to archie inter me.

Rather than ride into the finish, Niewiadoma put in more surges in the finale to build up her winning margin — 23 seconds. She has that fire, that spirit. The moves have also created opportunities for her rivals. The move dragged out Boels-Dolmans teammates van der Breggen and Lizzie Deignan, and the two took turns attacking Niewiadoma until van der Breggen ultimately rode free. The right time for her to go is whenever she decides to go.

It has also won her fans in Poland and brought expectations onto her shoulders. Maja Wloszczowska owns two Olympic silver medals in mountain biking; Michal Kwiatkowski is perhaps the most versatile rider for Team Sky. Niewiadoma says Polish media lumped expectations for victory on her shoulders in the leadup to the Olympics in Rio, where the steep ascent up the Vista Chinesa climb catered to her strengths. Niewiadoma had already scored impressive results at the Giro Rosa that year.

kasia dating site

I cannot disappoint them. She blocked out friends and focused her efforts on preparations for the race. It was her first Olympics, and she wanted to prove herself. In the end, Niewiadoma believes she placed too much pressure on herself. When race day came, she was mentally exhausted. She missed the final move up Vista Chinesa and came across in sixth place, just 20 seconds behind van der Breggen. Not a bad result, but far from her expectations. Like all things in pro sports, there is no simple solution.

Rather than seek out one answer, Niewiadoma has instead pursued a pathway of personal growth and change. Niewiadoma enjoyed racing for the Dutch outfit, but says that after four years, she desired a change in scenery.

During her first three years in the pro ranks, she rode alongside van der Breggen, who is five years her senior.

Kasia Borek on the Timeless Love of Jemma

The two often roomed together at races, and Niewiadoma looked to the Dutch rider for advice. Van der Breggen attended nursing school in the off-season during her early career. In van der Breggen, Niewiadoma saw a talented cyclist who had created a balance between her racing life, and her life at home. Niewiadoma says that balance allowed van der Breggen to manage the pressure and expectations that came from results.

kasia dating site

Anna showed me you can be a valuable person with balance to your life. She is free to make her own decisions on the road, rather than adhere to a strict set of team tactics. The Polish and American teams shared the same host hotel, and she recognized him from the Olympic village. The two shared a few conversations over meals. Training and racing schedules were similar, and they were able to spend their first year together relatively unhampered by the pull of cycling.

Within a few months, they were inseparable. Did you audition for only Emma, or for other characters as well? You really only know a little about a production when you audition.

I only auditioned for Emma. When I started, it was a tiny role. Immediately, I felt this would be the most important experience in my career so far. So I felt from the very beginning it was the right thing to do.

I have a lot of lesbian friends and they are very special. I felt that through this story I could figure out what pure love really means.

Kasia Borek on the Timeless Love of Jemma - AfterEllen

When I was a teenager, I moved a lot in Germany with my parents and I always had to adapt every time and fight for my position. Sometimes I was popular and sometimes I was a nobody. I decided to be an actor because I wanted to play characters who would help people. When I got all the Jemma fan mail five years ago, it was a dream come true for me because it meant people understood what I was doing.

kasia dating site

Lucy Scherer and I would be sitting on the train going to work and we learned our lines for that day on the train. It was so exciting. But the dialogue was less important than the overall feeling of the scene. Lucy came at the right moment and had the same philosophy, which is why it fit so well.

I was in some ways like Emma; Emma is a part of me, always.

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Emma was a very insecure person who needed someone like Jenny encouraging her to believe in herself. Jemma is pure love. Love is the most important thing in life.

Jemma is about two people who want to open up and see the truth of the other person and accept everything about that person.

kasia dating site

Jemma shows that you can be who you are. In the beginning, Jenny does a lot of very mean things to Emma. Jenny may be gorgeous, but at the same time it would be understandable if Emma ran the other way and never looked back.

What draws Emma to Jenny? I think Emma knew from the very beginning that Jenny would be someone special to her, but it was hard to admit those feelings. Yes, what Jenny did was mean and in a similar situation people would counsel you to not deal with someone who treats you like that, but I think that Emma had an intuition about why Jenny was doing it. Emma was raised in a tolerant environment; she had sisters and brothers and learned how to share and make compromises.

Emma needed Jenny to get out of her shell, and Jenny needed Emma to feel centered, so there was a bridge between them. She needed Jenny to explore that. Jenny was a brave person, but provocative. Emma could see underneath why she provoked people.

So for you and Lucy going into this specific storyline, what did you specifically talk about in terms of how you were going to play this relationship? We thought not about gender, but rather what enriches someone being in a relationship with another person.

So what do you think was different between you two that made Jemma such a wonderful and popular couple? I think we just jumped into it, you know?

You know when you meet someone and that person understands exactly what you mean with just one sentence? That understanding between the lines was so great between us. Now, in and looking back, what do you understand of how Jemma fits into the broader picture of lesbian relationships on TV?

Jenny and Emma were in school, experiencing every day problems.