Disc personality types dating site

DiSC Styles and Marriage

disc personality types dating site

The DISC personality assessment is regularly used to determine how an they are and if they are right about which profile type their partner is. Do opposite personalities attract? Do couples with similar personalities have fewer conflicts? We can't answer these questions here because. Learn how your DISC Styles can not only improve your workplace But did you know that DISC Styles can help you with your significant other or in the dating ' C' Styles work within existing guidelines to promote quality in products or service. The antidote to most personality conflict is just that obvious.

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Understanding personality styles opens the door for greater levels of communication, encouragement, honor, acceptance and intimacy. The profile reports help couples rediscover the differences they once found attractive. A highly motivated person might have found someone who is more laid back.

DiSC styles and marriage

Sometimes that drives them crazy and they label their spouse as lazy. But sometimes they are reminded of the value of rest and recreation can be and guided to that type of activity. Together with a counselor or coach the couple can review their profiles and talk about this difference and how they can each value and accommodate the other.

If a couple is considering marriage or a long-term commitment, their reports can highlight areas of difference and of possible conflict.

Personality types and compatibility

They can strategize how to deal with issues before they come up. It is available once two people have taken the profile. How do you compare to me? It provides graphs like the one above.

These are good places to begin a conversation. How are you currently experiencing this difference? How is it valuable in your relationship? What could reduce any conflict that arises from this difference? Sample tip from a Comparison Report Tips are also offered in this report.

disc personality types dating site

But if you fit into this personality category, a bit of self-awareness is needed to keep yourself on track. Seekers have a tendency to innovate for the sake of innovation, and may love an idea for its novelty rather than its true worth. If you have a Risk-Taker for a colleague, try to figure out how best to balance the workload between you. It may be most productive for them to lead on bold new tasks while you manage the ongoing day-to-day stuff.

Profile Interpretations - High I and S

You may find yourself frustrated by the slower pace of your colleagues, but the way they work has its advantages too! The Enthusiast i Everyone loves an Enthusiast, at least once the early morning fog has lifted!

disc personality types dating site

She is an ExtrAvert whose passion is contagious and who can re-energize flagging morale in a tired meeting room. That over-active mind is great at solving problems and will power a team through dark moments back into the light. However, her charm and enthusiasm may come at the expense of taking the time to listen closely to others.

If you recognize yourself in the Enthusiast, be careful to think through what your colleagues are trying to express before you take their idea and run with it. The Buddy iS The Buddy, on the other hand, is always ready to listen and empathize with her colleagues.

Her enthusiasm manifests through the emotional and professional support she offers others. However, the Buddy is such a kindhearted soul that her own work may take a back seat next to the support she offers others. The Collaborator Si The Collaborator brings people together. Her sense of empathy and her listening skills make her ideally placed to assemble teams and work units that will function well together and become more than the sum of their parts.

The Peacekeeper S If you belong at the Steady point of the DISC compass, you can be relied upon to anchor your teammates and bridge the gap between management and the workforce. You know the job inside out. The Technician SC The Technician is not necessarily good with technology, although she may be — rather, she is logical and understands the ins and outs of the business itself.

This may mean she is content to quietly get on with her work without interacting so much with her colleagues or pushing hard for new developments. If this is you, you will be valued for the determined way in which you get your work done — but try becoming more engaged with your colleagues and with new ideas to gain a fuller sense of accomplishment.