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dating site shorthand

The following abbreviations are used widely in EEBO (particularly in the Author in combination with a date to indicate a date of birth, e.g. Anderson, Henry, b. ABBREVIATIONS APPROVED FOR MEDICAL RECORDS. Abbreviation . central supply service. CST contraction dyspnea on exertion/date of exam. D.P. . LTR as in Long Term Relationship. This is usually in the context of dating objective. For example, LTR ONLY dating site LTR dating as in.

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April This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message The personals section in the January 13, issue of The Seattle Star A personal or personal ad is an item or notice traditionally in the newspapersimilar to a classified advertisement but personal in nature.

In British English it is also commonly known as an advert in a lonely hearts column.

dating site shorthand

Personals are generally meant to generate romancefriendshipor casual sometimes sexual encounters, and usually include a basic description of the person posting it, and their interests. Geometric shorthands are based on circles, parts of circles, and straight lines placed strictly horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The first modern shorthand systems were geometric. The first system of this type was published under the title Cadmus Britanicus by Simon Bordley, in However, the first practical system was the German Gabelsberger shorthand of This class of system is now common in all more recent German shorthand systems, as well as in Austria, Italy, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Russia, other Eastern European countries, and elsewhere.

Script-geometric, or semi-script, shorthands are based on the ellipse.

dating site shorthand

Semi-script can be considered a compromise between the geometric systems and the script systems. However, the most successful system of this type was Gregg shorthandintroduced by John Robert Gregg in Gregg had studied not only the geometric English systems, but also the German Stolze stenography, a script shorthand.

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Systems resembling standard writing[ edit ] Some shorthand systems attempted to ease learning by using characters from the Latin alphabet. Such non-stenographic systems have often been described as alphabetic, and purists might claim that such systems are not 'true' shorthand. However, these alphabetic systems do have value for students who cannot dedicate the years necessary to master a stenographic shorthand. Alphabetic shorthands cannot be written at the speeds theoretically possible with symbol systems— words per minute or more—but require only a fraction of the time to acquire a useful speed of between 60 and words per minute.

Non-stenographic systems often supplement alphabetic characters by using punctuation marks as additional characters, giving special significance to capitalised letters, and sometimes using additional non-alphabetic symbols. Examples of such systems include StenoscriptSpeedwriting and Forkner shorthand.

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However, there are some pure alphabetic systems, including Personal ShorthandSuperWriteEasy Script Speed Writing, and Keyscript Shorthand which limit their symbols to a priori alphabetic characters. These have the added advantage that they can also be typed—for instance, onto a computerPDAor cellphone. Early editions of Speedwriting were also adapted so that they could be written on a typewriter, and therefore would possess the same advantage.

Varieties of vowel representation[ edit ] Shorthand systems can also be classified according to the way that vowels are represented. Alphabetic — Expression by "normal" vowel signs that are not fundamentally different from consonant signs e. Mixed alphabetic — Expression of vowels and consonants by different kinds of strokes e.

dating site shorthand

Abjad — No expression of the individual vowels at all except for indications of an initial or final vowel e. Marked abjad — Expression of vowels by the use of detached signs such as dots, ticks, and other marks written around the consonant signs. Positional abjad — Expression of an initial vowel by the height of the word in relation to the line, no necessary expression of subsequent vowels e.

dating site shorthand

Abugida — Expression of a vowel by the shape of a stroke, with the consonant indicated by orientation e. Mixed abugida — Expression of the vowels by the width of the joining stroke that leads to the following consonant sign, the height of the following consonant sign in relation to the preceding one, and the line pressure of the following consonant sign e.

Machine shorthand systems[ edit ] Traditional shorthand systems are written on paper with a stenographic pencil or a stenographic pen. Some consider that strictly speaking only handwritten systems can be called shorthand. Machine shorthand is also a common term for writing produced by a stenotypea specialized keyboard.

These are often used for court room transcripts and in live subtitling. However, there are other shorthand machines used worldwide, including: Common modern English shorthand systems[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources.

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September Learn how and when to remove this template message One of the most widely used forms of shorthand is still the Pitman shorthand method described above, which has been adapted for 15 languages. In the UK, the spelling-based rather than phonetic Teeline shorthand is now more commonly taught and used than Pitman, and Teeline is the recommended system of the National Council for the Training of Journalists with an overall speed of words per minute necessary for certification.

Teeline is also the most common shorthand method taught to New Zealand journalists, whose certification typically requires a shorthand speed of at least 80 words per minute. In Nigeria, shorthand is still taught in higher institutions of learning especially for students studying Office Technology Management and Business Education.

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Traditionally, however, BRB refers to a Big Red Button, an important, non-descript button associated with a power, reset, detonation, self-destruction, emergency shut-down, or ejection switch. The only real rule for the BRB is "do not press," unless it's an extremely dire situation, of course. One of the most interesting uses occurred during the Cold War, when the BRB was used in fictional writing to describe a device that could launch doomsday, an all-out nuclear catastrophe.

Other Big Red Buttons have been used in car ignitioncomputing and cartooning.

dating site shorthand

The BRB has even been featured in an iPhone app. My little brother and I felt like super stars getting our fingerprints taken for our very first ID card, complete with photo. Had you mentioned BFF to any piano pop fanboy in the s, you'd likely get a comment about the musical wonders of Ben Folds Five and his trademark glasses.

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