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table for 6 dating

'The Farmer Wants a Wife' is a novel new event offering from A Table for Six, hailed as 'Ireland's newest dating experience'. A Table for Six UK, the UK's newest and most successful dating event. We match single's on group dating events all over the UK and Ireland. Regular events. Pull up a seventh chair as KATHERINE HOBY tries her luck at Table for Six. It's the longest 14 Mar, pm . While she, and others, have met partners through the dinners Wright is wary of promoting it as a dating service. "It's not a.

Then it's up to us. Eyes flicker up and down ever so subtly and smiles are exchanged. I curse myself for being late. Looking back, it would have been smart to give myself the opportunity to size up new people as they arrived - not to mention a few moments for a complimentary drink. But, whatever time you arrive, the process is the same. While you're being assessed, you're also assessing those around you.

Are they prettier than me? Is there any significant eye contact? Do they make the "potential lover" category? The first was at a Thai restaurant and, while it went well, there was no one I really clicked with. The second, at an Italian-style cafe, was more successful.

My fellow diners were more on my wavelength, and one in particular caught my eye.

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Things are awkward, especially for the first hour. But put six intelligent, interesting people at a dinner table, add some alcohol, and the social mating instinct kicks in. And should you be so lucky as to meet someone you like, you can be assured they are single - and probably not an axe murderer. Despite that, apparently there are some who appraise the guests like a half dozen eggs and, not seeing anything they like, gobble their dinner without a word and leave.

All those I had dinner with, however, were genuine people. While there were some embarrassing silences, they were generally filled by a question geared towards finding out more about each other and making people laugh. What can't you live without? Do you have any tattoos? What are your hobbies? And what was the worst job you had?

The questions started us talking and laughing - and raised a few eyebrows. Everyone was friendly and well-mannered, though understandably nervous. I had conversations with 10 people over the course of two dinner nights, while staff flitted around our table, refilling glasses, getting us relaxed and talking.

There was discussion on why people were here, and what their experiences had been like. At the Thai restaurant we made great play of ordering dishes by their proper names, instead of the "I'll have a number four with chicken" style.

To break the awkward atmosphere, my fellow diners and I took delight in assessing what was happening at other Table for Six tables in the restaurant. We others would not-so-subtly turn our heads to look. Overall, the second dinner went better. This time we were not all seasoned dining veterans. No one looked at me as though I was one egg in a box. And we were all on a par as far as experience went. I enjoyed some decent conversations, especially with one of the men at the cafe-bar we went to afterwards when it felt okay to monopolise one person's time - which I'd wanted to do all through dinner.

Both times my fellow diners turned up dressed safe but smart, the girls in svelte tops and trousers, the guys in shirts and pants. Both groups looked like a bunch of friends I might sit down to dinner with on any old night, but from new circles. Most had good jobs: I wondered what he was doing there. I think he did too, after a while. There was Jack, a strapping guy who worked in security. He inhaled his meal in about two minutes and reminded me of Homer Simpson with his "can't talk, I'm eating" type mentality.

There was Di, whose cheerful banter helped to start conversation but overwhelmed other diners by night's end. I also met Mike, who looked hip and self-confident but turned out to be withdrawn. The following morning the people you matched with will be disclosed and you'll be able to message them to arrange a proper date right away.

So much quicker and easier than trying to meet people online. Go back to the top Wine Tasting Our wine tasting events take place at a very innovate wine bar.

A Table for Six? Dating service offers new way for Irish singletons to meet prospective partners

These are not a formal wine tasting events as there are really all about socialising, but you will come away with some handy tips and a general grounding in wine. Here's the lowdown on how they work.

We'll kick off with a basic introduction on how to properly taste wine and a description of the wines on offer at. The tasting venue is kitted out with 10 nifty automatic sampling machines allowing you to self-serve tasting measures of the 80 wines on offer. Your ticket includes six tasting measures and we provide you with a smart card that you can use at the sampling machines to deliver tasting measures of the wines.

The wines you try will be up to you and it's possible to purchase more credit if you'd like to try some more.

table for 6 dating

Socialise as you sip with up to 50 people at these events. We ensure there's an equal male-female split attending. The event will run for around two hours and you'll find out who you mutually matched with the following day. We pick a great venue and often theme our parties.

Parties take place aboard boats, in amazing hotels, top class private members' clubs and other top venues. There's also a selection of prizes to be won as part of the icebreaker. These events also feature speed dating sessions that run throughout. Simply sign up on the night if you'd like to take part. These parties have a high match rate because of the sheer number of people that come along.

You'll meet so many people you're practically guaranteed to meet someone you click with and want to see again. Go back to the top Cocktail Master Classes Cocktail master classes are a great way to meet new people whist learning pro cocktail making skills from some of the UK's leading mixologists.

We'll split everyone into small groups of girls and guys and after a demo from our cocktail expert everyone will try their hand at making the cocktail themselves getting hints and tips from the experts along the way. You'll make different types of cocktail over the course of the night, each time with a different group of people.

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This way you'll meet everyone with the help of this fun and interactive icebreaker. You'll be able to drink the cocktails you make and stick around afterwards to mingle on and sample some other great drinks.

Go back to the top Dinners We organise regular dinners throughout London at a variety of great restaurants covering a wide range of cuisines and price ranges. These events offer a really good way to meet a lot of people whist exploring some of the amazing restaurants London has to offer. These are not formal sit-down dinners.

We always chose places where the food is served tapas, canape or buffet style. This keeps the format really sociable and it means everyone meets more people through the night. We'll always have a private room or area for our guests. Because everyone's appetite is different you'll pay for your own food and drinks at the end of the evening.

Expect around 30 people at each of our popular dinners.

table for 6 dating

Go back to the top Dating in the dark Dating in the dark was first conceived in New York City and is simply that, it's a dating event that takes place in total darkness. This event features around 40 people with equal numbers of girls and guys attending. Groups sit at tables of leaving you free to enjoy a fantastic meal and great company - stimulating every one of your senses apart from your sight.

The event begins in the bar for registration and pre dinner drinks. This part of the evening is lit and last roughly 30 minutes. Our waiters then guide you to your table and familiarise you with the location of your plate and glasses.

Gourmet food is served by waiters in night vision glasses. Because of the total and complete darkness you are able to really savour of your food and enjoy the personality of your 'dates' from this unique perspective. After two courses candles are lit and guests eat desert and for the first time are allowed to see the people they have been speaking to all evening.

Go back to the top Boat Parties Our boat parties on the River Thames are some of the most popular events we've ever organised. These are always popular and attract around people per event. Guests take in the fabulous views of the London skyline whist mingling, chatting and generally enjoying themselves.

It's been said that these events are so good they're worth staying single for! We use the Lock and Key icebreaker to ensure everyone gets to meet as many people as possible. We also feature optional speed dating throughout our boat parties.

Go back to the top Cookery Classes If you're interested in food and learning the right way to make dishes from around the world our cookery classes are an amazing place to meet people. This dating event is very interactive. Not only will you come away having learn 't to make amazing dishes you'll meet lots of new people over the course of a few hours.

These events take place at leading cookery schools in Central London and are led by professional chefs. After an introduction and demonstration on how to make to make a classic dish, the group is divided up and you'll have a go at making it yourself whist getting to know the others in your team.

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Afterwards everyone will sit down to eat what they've made and get to know everyone over a drink or two. Go back to the top QuizDating Quiz Dating is a speed dating event and a quiz all rolled into one. It might sounds a bit complicated but it's really very simple, lots of fun and a great way to meet new people without the pressure of one-on-one speed dating.

The girls are divided into teams of around per team and seated at a table. The guys are also divided into groups of and allocated a girls team to join for the first round of the quiz. The quiz begins and the first few questions are called just like a normal quiz night. As you ponder the answers you get to meet your team mates as a group. There's plenty of time for chatting as well as answering the quiz questions.

At the end of the first round the guys' teams move around to the next girls' team and the quiz continues like this until all the guys have met all the girls. It normally takes a couple of hours. Of course, they'll be a prize for the winning team at the end. Check out our event listings or download Mixeo to book for our next Quiz Dating event. We've been organising them since and our success has been built around people having a great time at these huge dating events.

On arrival you will be welcomed by our hosts. Girls are issued with a small padlock to wear around their wrist and guys are issued keys. After a quick explanation from us everyone starts to work the room trying keys in Locks and vice versa. All the time meeting new people in the slightly bizarre but incredibly fun way.

These events allow for you to be as forward as you like - work the room like the social animal you are or stand back and let people come to you. It works great both ways. Participation is always optional and you simply sign up on the night.

What happens when a key opens a lock? We call this a match, through a relationship isn't compulsory!