Stronghold frc 2016 rules for dating

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stronghold frc 2016 rules for dating

The FIRST Robotics season was one of constant iteration for FRC and of not only four robots, but one of the team's most successful seasons to date. After careful examination of the rules, we found that it would be possible . Next Why Stronghold May be the Best FRC Game of All Time. FIRST ROBOTICS COMPETITION || GAME MANUAL || SECTION — 1 INTROdUCTION || V1 || PAGE 1. © . FIRST STRONGHOLD is played on a 27 ft. by 54 ft. field. scheduled Team Update prior to the date of the event. Join Date: Nov - FRC Leadership, Electrical, CAD, Rules, Part FRC Knight Vision, student.

It was machined and assembled by our students on our mini mill in the two nights prior to Waterbury.

stronghold frc 2016 rules for dating

We competed with Toaster, seeded 1 focusing on breaching and scoring low, and won the event thanks to the help of our alliance. We also snagged the Motorola Quality Award, which because of a bet earned all of the kids an ice cream party.

This was the first public hint that was made that the team considering the option to change up the robot, and the image below was posted on instagram with the hashtag whatinthebag. Over the next week the team discussed the option to switch. After much debate, the team locked into attempting the change and finalized the design.

stronghold frc 2016 rules for dating

The team loved the simplicity of it, and the over the back batter shot it allowed. Within the first 30mins we dialed in the batter shot and saw nothing but smiles on our drivers faces.

That sealed the deal. Each night had a set amount of tasks, and we were able to get it all done. You can watch the video of these unbag times below.

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We wanted to do everything inside the rules, and document it at the same time. Final assembly of the machine was completed at Hartford on the first day, we missed our practice machines and had to inspect the morning before qualification matches started. Below are some images on Brick on the field at Hartford. The image below shows Brick in its shooting configuration and location.

Brick was designed to shoot only from ramps and slammed up against the base of the tower. This was chosen to eliminate as many variables as possible, and allowed the intake to be controlled with a simple pair of pneumatic cylinders. We seeded 8th, and were the first pick of the number 1 seeded team. We went on to win our second district of the season.

stronghold frc 2016 rules for dating

The defensive obstacle on the left of each outer works, the "low bar", is not movable. LED light strips at the base of each obstacle display current obstacle strength. Tower[ edit ] The tower consists of five scoring goals, three scaling rungs, and a "batter".

stronghold frc 2016 rules for dating

Three high goals are 7 feet 1 inch above the playing field, and two low goals are six inches above the playing field. Three rungs for robots to scale the tower are 6 feet 4 inches from the playing field. Colored LED light strips on the front of the tower display the current tower strength.

There are 12 boulders present on the field at the beginning of a match and 18 total. Six boulders are staged evenly along the mid line of the field, and three boulders are at each human player station and one in each robot. Before the match, teams and the audience select defenses to fortify the alliance's outer works.

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Each match begins with a second autonomous period where robots act on pre-programmed instructions. The match then transitions to a 2-minute and 15 second teleoperated tele-op period, where robots are driven by the drive teams.

However, alliances may assign a "spy" robot to start in the opposing alliance's courtyard. Alliances earn 2 points for reaching the opposing alliance's outer works, and earn 10 points for crossing them. Any additional defenses a robot crosses in auto will not decrease a defense's strength, or give points to the alliance.

Once across a defense, a robot in autonomous mode can score a high goal for 10 points or low goal for 5 points. Robots may transport only one boulder at a time.