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The Suite Life on Deck is a Disney Channel original series, which aired for three seasons on . Despite winning, Zack and Cody do not keep the money. London and Bailey are on a mission to prove that Miss Tutweiller is dating Mr. .. When Bailey starts feeling homesick, Cody decides to recreate her hometown festival. The Suite Life on Deck is an American sitcom that aired on Disney Channel from September 26 . At the end of season one, Cody begins dating Bailey Pickett, but they pause episode "Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana" in which they start dating. Though he acts as though he does not care about Zack and Cody, . Cody and Bailey from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody are still If that doesn't sound like the coolest relationship, we don't know what does.

Zack acts selfish at times but he also sincerely cares for his brother and friends, even if he does not always show it. He flirts with most of the girls on the ship by using various pick-up lines, although he rarely ever stays with them for more than one episode. At the beginning of the third season, he starts to develop strong feelings for a new student on the ship named Maya. At first, she refuses to go out with him since he was a "player," but eventually he wins her over by throwing a surprise party for her.

He then surprises his friends by being a good boyfriend. Although initially there is confusion as to whether he loved her or whether he was just taking her on as a challenge, he proves to have strong feelings for her in later episodes. She breaks up with him in the episode "Graduation on Deck" because of a Peace Corps assignment she accepts, but they remain close friends. Cody Martinportrayed by Cole Sprouseis typically the intelligent, kind-hearted, and sensitive twin.

Cody performs well academically, is a straight A student, and has shown to have a great interest in academics; however, he does not perform well in sports. Cody has been noted to be ten minutes younger than Zack and often plays into Zack's crazy schemes. Cody is usually picked on by Zack, but Zack becomes very defensive when other people do it.

Likewise, Cody cares very deeply for Zack, despite his picking on him constantly. At the end of season one, Cody begins dating Bailey Pickett, but they pause their romantic relationship in the second-season finale due to a misunderstanding in Paris. However, near the end of the third season, they get back together again after confessing that they never stopped loving each other.

In " Das Boots ", it is revealed that he has multiple allergies, said by Sasha, a Russian girl who lost to him in a chess championship. London Tiptonportrayed by Brenda Songis the socialite of the four main teenage characters. She is a parody of Paris Hilton. London is typically selfish, dim-witted, spoiled, gullible and meticulous about her appearance but she is happy and heartwarming, and she does care for her friends even if she can't remember the difference between Zack and Cody.

She also has a pomeranian pet dog named Ivana. When she is happy, she usually claps her hands and repeatedly jumps up and down while saying her catchphrase, "Yay me! Moseby fools London into thinking that she is on the SS Tipton for a vacation, to trick her into boarding the ship. London gets enrolled at the Seven Seas High School program because her father wants her to live in the real world.

London does not live in a first class suite on the SS Tipton, but a small cabin. London reluctantly agrees to accept Bailey Pickett Debby Ryan as her new roommate, although she does so after unsuccessfully trying to bribe Bailey into leaving as she did with her previous roommate. The two later become good friends. On the SS Tipton, London became more aware of the real world and faced several difficulties to help her when she takes over her father's business.

Bailey Pickettportrayed by Debby Ryanis a teenage girl from the fictional town of Kettlecorn, Kansas.

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She is very intelligent just like Cody, seemingly the perfect girl-next-door and has been described as a "small town, down-to-earth girl. She boarded the ship to leave Kettlecorn, where she lived on a farm, because she longed for the big city. However, Bailey couldn't get in the school; every student has a roommate who is the same gender as them girls can only be roommates with girlsand everyone had a roomate.

In order to get in, Bailey pretended to be a boy; she wore more loose-fitting clothing and a cap to cover her hair.

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Bailey became Zack 's roommate. However, she was disgusted by Zack's poor hygiene. But when Zack found out that Bailey was a girl Bailey had taken off her capthey become better friends. Zack also promised to keep Bailey's secret. After reading about the different alarms for the boat, Cody found out that the alarm meant that the ship was sinking. In a panic, everyone tried to run out of the boat. They fall down into what they think is the ocean, but it is the hot tub.

Everyone finds out that the alarm was just a drill. Bailey's cap fell into the hot tub, revealing that she was a girl. After everyone found out that she was a girl, Miss Tutweiller and Mr.

Moseby say that Bailey can't attend Seven Seas High because every student had a roommate. However, London reveals that she doesn't she bribed her old roommate to get off of the boat. Moseby says that Bailey can be London's roommate, but London refused. Angry that she couldn't have her own room and tired of living on the boat, London uses her helicopter to get off of the boat and run to Parrot Island.

In, "Parrot Island", Bailey felt like it was her fault that London left. Cody and Zack try to cheer her up, and Cody manages to make her laugh when he accidentally spills his smoothie on Mr. But Bailey still feels bad and decides to go looking for London.

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She also brings her pet pig, Porkers, with her. Moseby go to look for London. When they don't return, Bailey, Cody and Zack look for them, only to be locked in jail with London, Mr. The man who works at the jail says that London's father, Mr. Tipton, cut down all of Parrot Island's trees, so he decided to lock up London and anyone who was friends with her.

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Fortunately, Porkers manages to free them all when Bailey tells him how to get to the keys. Bailey and the others run out of the jail, and Bailey starts to go back to the boat until she stops to look at a photo of Parrot Island.

Bailey sees how beautiful the island was and convinces London to help pay for the damages Mr. Tipton did on the island. The Suite Life Movie Bailey has her and Cody's spring breaks all planned out, and is very excited about it.