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Kathryn Dunmore - Backbeat: While it was Walk Off the Earth's from music to film, Gianni 'Luminati' Nicassio and Sarah Blackwood shared how growing up in Burlington influenced the band. Since its viral Gotye cover, Walk Off the Earth has gone on to release a couple of . NEARBY COMMUNITY SITES. Pancakes and Whiskey interviewed Sarah from Walk Off The Earth. Sarah Blackwood about the new album and what it's like being in a band with her significant other Gianni Luminati. It's the best album, we feel, that we've put together so far. Yeah, we're going to Italy in the fall, which is cool. We've. Gianni “Luminati” Nicassio (centre) is still fuming that his idea of having everyone Walk Off the Earth's Sarah Blackwood sounds off on the things that from Nashville, where she's on a songwriting retreat with a couple of friends. .. History · About Us · Contact Us · Masthead · Careers · Site Map · Covers.

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  • Years before Walk Off The Earth went viral, its members were cutting their teeth here in Burlington

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