Trina and missy dating

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trina and missy dating

Trina (rapper) and Missy Elliot photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. Trina dating history, , , list of Trina relationships. Raymond Taylor started dating Trina on Dec Trina and Missy Elliott separated in May The List: Missy Elliott, Lil Kim, Eve and Trina triumph with 'I'm Better' remix Nicki Minaj confirmed the rumors that she's dating Nas and.

Looking into her eyes for too long will put you in a trance, like the allure of a great conversation.

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Indeed, it takes a bad diva to be that dedicated to perfection. During one of the few moments that Trina had to sit down at the photo shoot, she slid out of her Victoria G high heels and confidently ticked off her likes and dislikes in a man, the importance of good sex while in a relationship, and how she remains relevant in a male-dominated industry.

trina and missy dating

But our revealing conversation began with her taking me back a decade to illustrate how her life morphed into what it is today. It made Trick Daddy a marketable rapper outside of Florida, and Trina became the first Southern female rapper to gain superstar status.

You have to be comfortable with yourself and your sexuality.

trina and missy dating

There is a self confidence that you need to exude at all times. Trina gets down on her knees and crawls towards the camera creating the type of seductive pose that fantasies are made of.

trina and missy dating

An unsatisfied woman is definitely a tiptoeing off situation. If you are in a long-term relationship and you and your man are not intimate, get out.

trina and missy dating

If he is not doing it, tell him bye. Trina and Martin appeared to be inseparable for the last two years.

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However, their relationship ended earlier this summer. If you want to get over a past lover, put forth the effort and take steps to do it. You have to be strong. To give fans a preview, she released two mixtapes: Rockstarr Royalty and the Baddest Chick 2: Both were largely successful, with the first released in early and the latter released in the fall of Trina originally planned for her fourth studio album to be released in Februarybut it was delayed by a few months in order for her to put finishing touches on the record.

Trina and Missy: Did It Really Happen?

First-week sales were 47, The third and final single from the album, "Look Back at Me", featuring Killer Mike and produced by Hard Hat Productions, was a regional hit club record. The group was to be featured on Trina's fifth studio album, but this never came about. The duo has yet to release any music. It was dubbed a buzz single. A mixtape, Amazin' The Mixtapewas released in November in promotion of her fifth studio album.

Another mixtape, The Definition Of A Million Dollar Girl, was released in January following the release of her fifth studio album's second single. Trina's fifth studio album, Amazin'was released on May 4, The album sold over 32, copies in its first week.

Mixtapes, split from Slip-N-Slide, upcoming sixth studio album[ edit ] In preparation for her upcoming sixth studio album, Trina released a mixtape entitled Diamonds Are Forever on March 28, The mixtape was successful, receiving 4. I grew up with those guys, and it's been a long journey. I love them dearly, but it's time, in my career, for me to move forward.

However, on September 28 she announced that she had decided to release it on December 3, for unknown reasons. The show premiered December 17, on VH1. The album is entitled 6, representing the number of albums she had released.