Sytycd caitlynn and tadd dating advice

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sytycd caitlynn and tadd dating advice

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Great articulations and isolations. Lady Gaga tells him how much she loves Broadway and how much respect she has for him and how she dislikes the choreography. Anyway, she thinks Jess was better than the choreography.

Caitlynn and Marko Top 6 So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 wd Judges Comments

Rob is incredibly proud and pleased to see that Jess had grown and listened during the competition, and is now simple and pure. They should have given HIM a Bollywood routine. He loved the routine, and the MJ bits especially.

So You Think You Can Dance: Top Eight Performance Show, 7/27/11 « Relatively Entertaining

I had to laugh a little, hearing Gaga She loved the mystery of figuring out the relationship between the characters. I watch it again and I still have no clue and yet you never lose your steps or your composure. Tadd is very special. She wants people to be nicer, less judgmental, and her piece is about the guilt that comes from being cruel and how it can change people to make them nicer. Which is an interestingly complex thing to do.

You can feel the guilt, the weight of it on their backs. Marko and Allison are close to tears themselves. I felt all the things I did wrong, she says, all my old regrets, through that dance.

"So You Think You Can Dance": Lady Gaga judges, the Top 8 perform

She cries and waves like Miss America. Vote for the delicious Marko, Cat tells us, and I will. And now we come to the portion of the evening where the contestants dance with each other. First up, Caitlynn and Tadd do ballroom. Jonathan Roberts has an old school foxtrot for them you could tell from her dress in the promo before the commercial — white with silver edging and a tremendous froth of feathers — boy meets girl, Fred meets Ginger.

I like the foxtrot a lot, and this has a lot of that old school movie musical feel. Rob thought it sparkled from beginning to end.

Mary thought it was beautiful, though not the most memorable routine of the evening. Nigel thinks the B in b boy is for ballroom, and really, Tadd is spectacular at ballroom.

He was in heaven watching them, and he and Gaga wanted to get up there, cheek to cheek themselves. Gaga takes down her platinum records to remind herself to be humble and hungry, so she thinks Caitlynn can be less arrogant with her hands.

Next up, Ricky and Marko doing a NappyTabs routine. YES for same sex pairings! Finally, we get to see some different stories! Mary Murphy loved it loved it loved it, and thought they had the vibe right and tight. Nigel thought it was lots of fun with great characters.

Marko looked nasty which is good but Ricky seemed too high up, still. He praised their aerial swipe the twisty jump thingbut wonders if people will vote for Ricky.

I vote, says Lady Gaga pointedly. The dancers are both incredible, but the dance was contrived — not like something done by her choreographer, Laurie Ann Gibson. Who has choreographed for this show exactly once. I will say it again, ouch.

sytycd caitlynn and tadd dating advice

Rob Marshall feels the need to defend the Duomos, which is nice, and without actually slagging Gaga talks about how brilliant they are. Tabitha and Napoleon laugh from the audience. The next pairing is Jordan and Jess, so please excuse me as I fan myself thinking about how that means the last pairing is Melanie and Sasha.

sytycd caitlynn and tadd dating advice

Woohoo, best dancers dancing together! You know, that fits with ballroom, really, the guy leading the woman everywhere. Lots of sexy walking hither and thither with Jess leading and Jordan following like a show pony.

Strike that, because fly fishing actually is kind of spellbinding. So, something boring to watch. You had no chemistry at all, he says. Or at least I assume he meant Jordan. Rob Marshall thinks they brought the best in each other, and notes that they both sing, and that they both could have huge careers on Broadway. And why do people look down on Broadway, anyway? Mary Murphy thought the lift was the best all season really?

They were missing the necessary elasticity in their arms, which would have made it much sexier. Last up is, yes, Melanie and Sasha doing — what else?

A Sonya Tayeh jazz routine. Oh, Sonya must have been out of her mind over this. I did not love this. I loved the ending, too, where they walked with their arms outspread after the music ended, so stately and other worldly.

I wish the whole thing had been so commanding.

sytycd caitlynn and tadd dating advice

They are still my favorites, but I wanted and expected more. I am alone in this assessment, however.

ᐅᐅ Sytycd caitlynn and tadd dating

The judges are on their feet, Lady Gaga towering absurdly over them again. This is clearly the abandon and the robotic dance machines that the judges have been looking for.

Sasha and Melanie are thrilled. Pack up and go home, she says, because that was the performance of the night. Or because the show is over. That was the future. I absolutely sure that he had backed off. Make sure that arent you so many men and into the Rain, which failed to providing links to belong to become alocal celebrity.

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Sytycd caitlynn and tadd dating

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