Shenae grimes and shane kippel dating

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shenae grimes and shane kippel dating

THEN: Shenae Grimes played Darcy Edwards, first introduced in season four . short film about a young actress who joins the world of Internet dating. THEN: Shane Kippel played Spinner Mason, whose bullying of another. "Degrassi: The Next Generation" may be over, but that's not stopping us from taking a minute to reflect on all of the important life lessons the. Shenae Grimes and Shane Kippel photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

Although she slowly changed her look over the years, her tough personality remained. She first dated Sean, but had a thing for Craig throughout the show, even while he was with Manny. They bonded over their music and mental health struggles. Munro Chambers As Eli — Then Although a bit of a schemer, Eli was an artist, a creative writer with a vulnerable side. Throughout his time on the show, Eli and Clare dated on and off, and despite her miscarriage complicating things, it was implied that they ended up together.

When she arrived at Degrassi in season six she quickly developed a rivalry with Darcy, who was against premarital sex and and teen mothers. She ended up dating Peter, but they broke up when she moved to Paris to be a model.

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She left the show, stating that she wants to take on more complex roles and has gotten pickier about the type of role she will play. He dated Alli on and off, but cheated on her with Bianca, who he dated for a while on and off, followed by Katie. She was considered to be beautiful, manipulative, and cruel, but things changed for Paige when she was 15 years old. After being raped by Dean Walton, she suffered from many panic attacks, and she revealed a kinder self. Lauren Collins — Now Lauren Collins proved her worth as an actress during her seven-year stint on Degrassi: The Next Generation, and she has gone on to have a relatively successful career.

Del Rossi was one of the most loved characters on the show and a major part of his storyline revolved around his sexuality. While Marco was confused about his sexuality from the get-go, Ellie wished for things to develop between the two.

The Stars Of Degrassi: Where Are They Now?

Marco once again questioned his true sexual preferences but, when realizing he was, in fact, gay, he tried to hide it by asking Ellie out.

Eventually, Marco told Ellie the truth. In the film, Ruggiero played a gay college student finding it challenging to come out to his parents. The Next Generation, and this was no easy task for the young teen. Terri was insecure and conscious about her self-image. Christina Schmidt — Now The character of Terri took on her fair share of issues during her time on the show, and in season three it was explained that she was put in a coma by her abusive boyfriend, Rick.

While she had gained popularity across the United States and Australia, as well as winning awards for her role as Terri, the actress had left the show to pursue a career in modeling. Issacs was known as the geek in the series because of his interest in computers and anime. However, he did join the wrestling team and dated Kendra up until the end of their sophomore year.

Issacs suffered from bulimia after joining the wrestling team and was also deeply affected by J. From this moment, Issacs gained a strong dislike towards the rest of the Lakehurst students. Yorke, but producers chose to cast him for the role of Toby Issacs instead. He continued to appear in the series up until season eight, when he made guest appearances on the show, but went to Concordia University in Montreal and studied theater. He has since gone onto work at The Score, where he writes and podcasts on professional sports.

His most recent work on screen was in when he starred in Being Erica. Ryan Cooley As J. Yorke — Then J. Yorke appeared on Degrassi: The Next Generation until season six.

The Stars Of Degrassi: Where Are They Now?

The character, played by Ryan Cooley, was known as the class clown, who always made jokes and entertained his classmates. His teachers did not have such a positive reception of his jokes, and Yorke would often end up in detention. In season six, Yorke was killed off the show. Ryan Cooley — Now Producers told Cooley that he would be leaving the show in Apriljust before filming the sixth season. Cooley was shocked by this announcement but, while he was surprised, he was also contemplating leaving himself and going to university.

His other acting credits include Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Series and Life with Derek. Her parents enrolled her in dance lessons, modeling, and beauty pageants, meaning she joined Degrassi thinking she was the best at everything. Although she may have been spoiled, however, she was not a brat and always had a positive attitude. She ended up leaving Degrassi after her freshman year and moved away.

Alex Steele — Now While Alex Steele joined Degrassi in season nine to play Tori Santamaria, fans would have been given quite the surprise when she appeared on their screens. In fact, Steele had previously appeared on seasons one to five of Degrassi as Angela Jeremiah.

When the character of Tori was created, producers believed Alex was best for the job so chose to re-cast her. Meanwhile, Alex decided to leave the show after season 12 so she could focus on film. She appeared in the film, The Choking Game. Charlotte Arnold As Holly J. She joined the cheerleading team when she transferred and became rivals with Darcy, forcing Darcy to quit the squad.

She then became the queen bee and started dating Declan. Later, Holly became sick and had to go on dialysis. She also found out she was adopted.

shenae grimes and shane kippel dating

Despite all her health and family struggles, she ended up going to Yale with Declan. She also came back as Holly J. Other than that, she has guest starred on a few other TV shows and TV movies. Arnold also studied broadcast journalism at Ryerson University.

Sarah Barrable-Tishuer As Liberty — Then Although she was seen as the annoying over-achiever and other kids found her clingy, Liberty was just lonely. As she grew up, she became less annoying and started dating her long-time crush TJ. He got her pregnant and they decided on adoption, but then he was killed. Emma forgave her after she gave a valedictorian speech about friendship, and the three of them went to college together.

She graduated top of her class from Concordia University, much like her Degrassi character. Now she works as a freelance marketing strategist for various companies by day and moonlights as a DJ in clubs in Toronto. She was a goody two-shoes who was way more interested in acing her science test than boys.

In hindsight, this was probably a good thing. Sarah Barrable-Tishauer Liberty now After playing a straight-laced character for so many seasons, Sarah Barrable-Tishauer, now 27, is embracing her creative side.

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She's a graphic designer and communications consultant, and one look at her Insta will give you serious FOMO. Daniel Clark Sean then Sean was every girl's "Degrassi" crush at one point or another.

Shenae Grimes-Beech - IMDb

He nearly took a bullet for Emma! He was the boy from the wrong side of the tracks with a heart of gold -- slouchy grey hoodie, beanie and all.

shenae grimes and shane kippel dating

Daniel Clark, 29, is now a news producer and reporter, and unsurprisingly, he's a total media junkie. Oh, and did we mention he looks very good in a suit? Annie Clark Fiona then Fiona was the closest thing Degrassi High had to Blair Waldorf, and for that, we loved her and her bats--t crazy antics.

When we first met her, she was nothing more than a spoiled rich girl, but as time went all, we learned that life on the other side of the grass isn't always greener. Clark, now 23, graduated from the University of Toronto after studying film. She currently lives in Los Angeles, which is very Fiona of her.

Christina Schmidt Terri then Terri was a tragic figure in "Degrassi" lore. Not because she wasn't effing awesome -- the girl could read tarot cards! In season 3, Terri dated Rick, who was abusive.

That all changed one day when Rick violently shoved her to the ground. She had a concussion for a little while, and was eventually released from the hospital -- but we never saw her again. When she's not busy taking Kardashian-level selfies, Christina Schmidt works as a model. With a portfolio as gorgeous as this, we'd buy whatever she was selling. Lauren Collins Paige then Paige was Degrassi High's resident Queen Bee. She was kind of a spoiled brat in the beginning, which would explain why she wore shirts with "HOTTIE" branded across her chest for funsies.

Then again, it was and that was the hottest trend. But Paige wasn't a mean girl for long. Lauren Collins is now 29, but she can still pass for a Degrassi student, tbh. We're happy to see her love of logo t-shirts is long behind her.

Stacey Farber Ellie then With crazy colored hair, dark eye liner and piercings, Ellie was Degrassi's very own punk girl. She, too, experimented with a crimping iron -- oftentimes to more success than her classmates.

As the former student council president and Power Squad captain, Holly J.

'Degrassi': Where Are They Now?

That is, until she started dating "Degrassi" playboy Declan. We're living for Charlotte Arnold's Instagram these days. It's the perfect balance between selfies and fabulous scenes from her picture-perfect life. Shane Kippel Spinner then We have so many conflicted feelings over Jimmy's best friend. Spin used to be a bully. He picked on Emma and Manny for being, what, a year younger than him?