Sharon stone and michael douglas dating

The Michael Douglas scandal |

sharon stone and michael douglas dating

Jun 27, Michael Douglas gazes from a penthouse window of the opulent when asked how it felt to be upstaged by Sharon Stone's private parts. Twenty-five years ago—on March 20, —Sharon Stone introduced moviegoers to Catherine Michael Douglas—who starred in another erotic thriller, Fatal. Apr 3, Michael Douglas has just snuck out the back door of the premiere didn't make it into the R-rated version — when Sharon Stone's character.

But he has never been involved in anything quite like Basic Instinct.

sharon stone and michael douglas dating

Right from the start, the movie was a magnet for trouble. It seemed like a perfect fit. The ending was problematic, he felt, and his character far too passive. Verhoeven decided to push on with script revisions himself, with the help of writer Gary Goldman. But after a long and difficult meeting with Verhoeven, in which the director went over the script line by line and explained what he was going for, Douglas relented. The next battle was finding an actress to play Catherine, a dangerously sexy crime novelist with a taste for both boys and girls.

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Douglas wanted a bigger star. But most of the major names that Verhoeven met with — actresses such as Geena Davis and Ellen Barkin — passed. In his office at Carolco, Paul Verhoeven, a shaggy, snaggletoothed, mischievous wolf of a man in a pair of black jeans and a gray button-down shirt, suggests that the combination of himself, Stone, and Douglas was occasionally charged.

The camera rolled, Douglas made his half step, and Stone turned away. It was a lot like tap dancing. Then explain it to me. Our energy together was strong.

The Story of How Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Fell in Love

It still isn't comfortable for me, but I think it works very well for our work together. But this is my intuition. Otherwise you might be pushing too hard. Thirteen actresses besides Stone were considered for Catherine, but only Stone was willing to do it.

sharon stone and michael douglas dating

Just as Catherine manipulates men, Stone manipulated the director to get the role. One day Verhoeven had her come in to dub lines for an airplane version of Total Recall, so she wore a tight Catherine-esque dress to demonstrate to Verhoeven that she could play the maneater part. Eszterhas felt Verhoeven was compromising his script.

It would make it into a bad TV movie. For a director to mumble these words is quite something; for him to hold a press conference is mind-boggling. I was just sitting there, mouth open, staring at the screen, listening to my heartbeat and wondering how long it would be before it was over, wondering who I should call first to tell them never to see this movie.

It was basic horror. There was no gray area.

sharon stone and michael douglas dating

It was an all-or-nothing roll of the dice. So, yes, I thought of her when I did my part. I also thought of Judy Davis. I saw Impromptu regularly while I was making the movie, thinking, she has great courage.

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I want to be like her. In Hollywood AnimalEszterhas recounted the time he slept with Stone after the movie came out. Not because nailing her felt all that good it was okay. But, as Douglas recalled on The Jonathan Ross Show inhe thought he'd blown his chances with her, thanks to a cheesy pickup line.

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After she made the rounds, as part of her press obligations, she joined him for a nightcap. By the time the actors "actually sat down and talked about it," Douglas and Zeta-Jones realized their relationship could go the distance. Almost instantly, the couple's vast age difference became tabloid fodder.

And it's so funny, because Michael and my parents are the same age.

The Michael Douglas scandal

So, my parents, whenever they see us together, never even question that there was a year age difference. At the time of their engagement, Douglas' publicist said "no official date" had been set, but they would be married later that year.

The actor's proposal came a month after he confirmed rumors that Zeta-Jones was pregnant. He was the first child for Zeta-Jones and the second child for Douglas, whose firstborn son Cameron with ex-wife Diandra Luker was born in A month before the wedding, Douglas told Movieline, "Whatever Catherine wants, that's what she'll get. He just has this look where I know that he's about to start, and that does me in. I said, 'I don't even want you to look at me until I'm halfway down the aisle,'" she told People, adding, "I don't take any of this for granted.

When I look at Michael, I run around like a little girl.