Matthew goode and mandy moore dating

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matthew goode and mandy moore dating

Matthew Goode is living an ideal life with his gorgeous wife Sophie Dymoke. It is speculated that they started dating back in and has been together Mandy Moore was Matthew's co-star in the movie Chasing Liberty. Matthew Goode yearns for the days when actors behaved badly and in the film Chasing Liberty opposite American pop star Mandy Moore. Our Mandy Moore series continues with a timely look at a film about Matthew Besides Mandy, who is obvs a shining star, this film features Matthew Goode, with a montage of Mandy Moore trying on clothes for her hot date.

matthew goode and mandy moore dating

The Princess Diaries inA Walk to Remember and the straight-to-video All I Want inand 's How to Deal all showcase her evolving skills, even if they're not very special as movies. Indeed, she's been taking acting lessons apparently unlike other pop stars becoming movie stars whose initials are B.

Just so, Chasing Liberty is another vehicle made to fit Moore's development as an artist.

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Anna is a self-assured, mostly sensible girl, chafing at restrictions during her father's Mark Harmon second term in office. That is, she's been a good girl for five years, and now that she's emerging from adolescence she's 18she's ready to step out. Even her mother Caroline Goodall takes her part, suggesting that dad's being overprotective, and that during their next trip -- to a G8 Summit meeting in Prague -- he might just loosen up a little.

The trip to Europe -- where Anna has a royal friend from childhood -- underlines the wee paradox that Chasing Liberty must incorporate: Or maybe it doesn't: President Harmon's, er, Foster's combination of caring and distractedness is not exactly a new concept in movies about girls.

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That said, his general cynicism -- more precisely, his presumption that he can lie outright to Anna without cost -- is fairly discomforting. This lie takes the form of agreeing to Anna and her mom's terms she can go out one night in Prague with only one agent in towthen not assigning all the folks he wants anyway.

Whether or not this conduct fits with his governing style is not indicated in the film. Specifically, Foster assigns a passel of agents to hang nod their heads on a sweaty-body-filled dance floor, plus two head agents -- Alan Weiss Jeremy Piven, without John Cusack and Cynthia Morales Annabella Sciorra -- and then another, undercover agent, Ben Calder Matthew Goode.

He's dashing, sports tight jeans and a charming British accent, and bumps into her on cue. He also has a cell phone he uses to keep in touch with his employers whenever he can escape the increasingly adoring eye of his charge. For, as tends to happen in such movies, Anna falls in love with her handsome and polite guardian, so that she can feel betrayed by him when she learns his true identity. Vaguely reminiscent of Roman Holiday, the rest of the plot entails her scampering off to have "commoners'" fun with Ben, with final destination Berlin's Love Parade.


Said fun includes getting drunk, skinnydipping in the Vltava River, and losing all her cash and cards to a conman backpacker Martin Hancock.

Instead, with his charm and good looks, this movie is merely a mediocrefest.

matthew goode and mandy moore dating

Jeremy Piven plays a douchebag Secret Service agent, because every single casting director in Hollywood has his number on speed dial under 1, which stands for " 1 Douchebag. So props for that? He sexually harasses his female partner until she falls for him, and he constantly makes jokes that aren't funny.

Jeremy Piven totally does not deserve to be within feet of Mandy Moore, let alone co-star in a movie with her.

Fellow patriots, I grappled with this same question myself while watching this film. I banged my fist! I chugged my wine! I exchanged eye rolls and prolonged groans with Alix! Maybe it was because Mandy Moore's character was atrociously annoying? Seriously, what this movie did to these two insanely attractive actors is an honest to god crime that should be punishable by a court ordered inclusion of shirtless Matthew Goode clips in the DVD bonus features.

Most Mandy Moore-tastic Scene: Um, when she smiled at the end? But of course, Mandy is not at fault. The responsibility for this travesty lies firmly on the shoulders of the writers who created such an obnoxiously whiny brat of a character and then the director who forced Mandy to play her.

Mandy Moore Hair-O-Meter I mean, compared to that hot mess of Sun-In, her hair for the rest of the movie is, like, a Pantene commercial. Best Mandy Moore Outfit: An orange and gray striped shirt Now, let's all pretend that the pants that go with it never existed.

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The movie starts out with a montage of Mandy Moore trying on clothes for her hot date. This montage tells you everything you need to know about the fashion in this movie. Yes, that is a tie-dye crop top with a zipper collar. Seriously, who did this to you? And then there's the pink formal gown she wears to the Prague party. Y'all, Mandy Moore is not fat. But this dress makes her look, as my mom would say, "a bit hippy.