Matpat and stephanie dating advice

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matpat and stephanie dating advice

MatPat's matpat and stephanie dating mea3gaming game over a our chat rooms from everything from dating advice, to horse corral singles. Someone: I hate matpat and his wife steph Me: welcome to your tape. People now think that Jacksepticeye and Cristina Vee are dating because there was a selfie of them Everyone should watch and listen to his advice. Matthew Robert Patrick (born November 15, ), also known by screen name MatPat, is an He currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with his wife Stephanie Cordato, their son On April 18, , he uploaded the first episode of his new show, Game Theory, where he discusses the relationship between reality.

Game Exchange July 5, — June 7, on The Game Theorists, still on Gaijin Goombah is a show by Michael Sundman [13] where he talks in a high-pitched voice as a Goomba character named Gaijin Goombah about gaming in relation to various international cultures.

The version on The Game Theorists has since been replaced permanently with Culture Shock which started on April 10, as a show very similar in style and content.

Starting inhis real voice was used in The Game Theorists version. Digressing and Sidequesting December 26, — October 18, was a show hosted by Ronnie "Oni" Edwards which focuses on game design.

Crossover December 28, — September 9, was a show hosted by Drake McWhorter and Ken Landefeld which proved that two gaming characters or series exist within the same universe. In Februarythe script for a relaunch was finalised.

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According to McWhorter, the show was cancelled because "it's not as high quality, the Smash hype is dead, and it's not an educational show. A Brief History February 4, — August 24, on The Game Theorists, still on FootofaFerret is a show hosted by Ryder Burgin that covers the entire development of a game series in a very fast-spoken manner.

MatPat and Steph react to Game Theory's boobs episode

In the episode of August 24,Burgin announced that that episode would be the last episode on The Game Theorists and the series would fully move back to FootofaFerret.

DeadLock February 17, — is a show by Matthew Patrick that pits two video game concepts against each other to show their flaws and strengths. Each episode usually features Patrick and another member of The Game Theorists debating these concepts. The first one was released on June 25, with them debating on the grounds of motion controls versus traditional controls in The Legend of Zelda series and the second one was released on January 28, with them debating if Nintendo should continue making consoles.

Matpat And Stephanie Dating Advice

As of January 28,there are eleven episodes of the show. The final episode was uploaded on August 1, January 29, — is a show by Austin Hourigan which picks video games apart with science and logic. The Game Theorists reached one million subscribers on December 17, Matthew Patrick has since achieved the feat of reaching 11 million Youtube Subscribers in Stand out Stephannie the crowd and you will be Stephabie.

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matpat and stephanie dating advice

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matpat and stephanie dating advice

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