Mark and derek dating

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mark and derek dating

According to Mark, Derek merely walked out, packed his things, and left. Mark began dating an eye surgeon named Julia who worked at Seattle Presbyterian. Take this short quiz to see how well you remember who dated who! Derek Mark George Richard. So we just asked you if Olivia slept with. Best friends: Mark Ballas and Derek Hough grew up together and now Now Derek and Mark, 24, compete against each other on Dancing.

Mark supports Derek when Meredith comes close to dying after drowning, and the two are able to rekindle their friendship. It is eventually revealed that he and Derek grew up together and that he, having lost his mother as a child and emotionally neglected by his father, considered Derek's mother as his maternal figure.

As he was an only child and Derek was the only son, they became close friends and he was Derek's best man at the latter's wedding to Addison. He also forms a friendship with Callie, and develops an attraction to cardiothoracic surgeon Erica Hahn Brooke Smith.

Erica does not reciprocate his feelings, and he is supportive of Callie when she and Erica have a brief relationship. When Addison shows up at Seattle Grace for a case, Mark attempts to sleep with Addison again but she refuses.

After a string of unresolved sexual tension on his part, Mark then finds himself seduced by Lexie Grey Chyler Leighdespite Derek's request that he keep their relationship platonic even before their relationship had begun. They begin a sexual relationship, which Lexie halts until he is willing to publicly admit to being her partner. Mark eventually agrees and tells Derek, who attacks him. Animosity exists between them for several episodes, before they once more repair their friendship.

Mark and Lexie's relationship becomes increasingly serious. He meets her father, Thatcher Jeff Perry ; and at the end of season fiveasks her to move in with him. Though Lexie initially declines, he remains committed to their relationship, and she agrees early in season six.

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Mark discovers that he has an year-old daughter, Sloan Riley Leven Rambinwho arrives seeking his support after becoming pregnant and being evicted by her mother. Mark permits her to move in with him, which angers Lexie. When Lexie makes it clear that she knew that Mark would choose his own daughter over her, she puts an end to their relationship.

Sloan experiences difficulties in her pregnancy, so Mark takes her to LA to be treated. He and Addison once again sleep together, but when he comes back he tells Lexie because he doesn't want to lie to her and wants them to get back together, but when she tells him she slept with Alex it puts an end to their relationship.

When Sloan decides to give her baby up for adoption, Mark and Callie offer to raise it together. Whenever the two got stuck traveling in an elevator again, the tension and angst were palpable.

We all know that the pair finally got back together in the end, but the problems that arose from the initial rejection created a rift between the characters, which - at the time - made it seem they would never get together again. When they first got together, Derek and Meredith were simply casual, but it started to develop into something more.

mark and derek dating

Just as they were getting to a good point in their relationship, Derek's wife came back and he broke things off with Meredith to try and make things work. That may have been the first time this pair broke up their relationship, but it would not be the last.

It took several seasons before they were finally together thanks to various problems arising between the two. Even when they were finally together, they still ended up apart for long periods of time. Derek had to move to Washington, D.

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Just after Derek returns to Addison, Meredith decides to adopt a dog. Eventually, she and Derek share the dog, but before that can happen, the dog played a large part in keeping them from getting back together.

This happened thanks to the rather attractive young veterinarian Meredith took the dog to visit. Veterinarian Finn Dandridge, played by Chris O'Donnell, begins to date Meredith in the second season and does so for some time. The pair are together, and appear to be as serious a couple as you can get throughout the end of the second season and into the third. It looks as if Meredith may have finally found her one, but she ends up breaking up with Finn when she can no longer deny the fact that she is still in love with Derek, who has finally bailed on the prospect of keeping his marriage afloat.

Finn was a great guy, but Meredith admits that he wasn't "her guy" and he ends up leaving forever when she returns to Derek.

If you're all caught up on the series, you already know that Meredith has won a Harper Avery Award, which is pretty much the gold-standard of medical awards presented throughout the first 11 seasons of the series. Derek was at the top of his game throughout the series, so you might be scratching your head wondering what is going on here. For Meredith, her career could have gone much differently had she made better choices.

This didn't help either of their careers, but if you shoot a bit further into the future and look at Derek, he was all set to work directly under the President of the United States on a program in Washington, D. He took the job and moved there, but the problems this caused in his and Meredith's relationship ultimately forced him to return. He ended up giving up the best possible job he could have taken for the sake of his family.

It's not that we can blame him for making the decision, but their relationship has definitely had an impact on both of their careers. After a patient is taken off life support, her husband is racked with guilt. Instead of handling this in a healthy way, he decides to make the people he considers responsible pay with their lives. The man, Gary Clark, then goes on a shooting rampage through the halls and floors of the hospital.

Numerous people are hurt and killed in the ordeal until it seems to finally come to an abrupt end.

mark and derek dating

As Derek walks upon the scene, he is immediately shot and nearly loses his life. When Christina tells him Meredith is pregnant, he hesitates. Owen is shot in the struggle and things go from bad to so bad, we don't have an adjective for it.

The strain on her resulted in Meredith losing what would have been the couple's first child.

This time, it wasn't centered on them but rather, two of their best friends. Izzie had been helping Meredith plan her wedding from her hospital bed, even going so far as to create a website for them. Unfortunately, Izzie's condition worsened and it became necessary to perform a risky operation to remove a new tumor found in her brain - which was causing her to see Denny, the man she fell in love with prior to Alex.

It was yet another setback for Meredith and Derek, but they didn't let it keep them from marrying for long. Here's a fun fact you may not know: Leah's mother actually dated Mark Sloan for a short period. Leah seemed to have a nasty habit of becoming obsessed with whom ever she dated or slept with A crush is one thing, but this was on a completely different level Did she date Arizona?

Question 10 Who is the father of Callie and Arizona's daughter? Every time she seemed to have a hiccup in her relationships she defaulted back to sleeping with one particular doctor. He didn't mind that she was bisexual, in fact he seemed to enjoy it to some degree. When they found out that they were pregnant he manned up and claimed his place as the father. This lucky baby girl was born with two moms and a dad to love her. Question 11 Who did Richard have an affair with?

Arizona Jo Ellis Richard is one of the greatest chiefs this series has ever seen. He is like the papa bear of the hospital. He takes no nonsense - except for when it comes to the ladies Richard was married more than once, believe it or not! As an intern he also perused relationships which were best left alone. Of course, like all young doctors in this series, he get's involved with another young doctor too.

Later we meet their beautiful love child Question 12 Did Alex and Addison date? Not at all Yes, briefly I can't remember So we know that Alex dated just about every lady in the hospital even ladies who were not doctors! He swiftly moved from nurses, to patients and doctors without skipping a beat. Of course, all of this eventually caught up with him. Addison also made her way around the hospital with many of the men there.

mark and derek dating

That's mostly why Derek ended their marriage too. Who sleeps with their husband's best friend for crying out loud? Can you remember is Alex and Addison hooked up? Question 13 Did Miranda ever date a nurse? Although she didn't post every detail on the notice board, Bailey had a few romances that deserve to be given their due.

Bailey is a very private lady so she doesn't disclose too much about her intimate life but can you remember if she dated a nurse from the hospital? If you can't remember then you may need to go re-watch some episodes. If you select an option below we will tell you the answer. Question 14 True or False: Izzie and George dated True False This may get a little bit confusing - since the web of who dated who in Grey's Anatomy is so twisted.

Do you remember that sweet little George O'Malley was once married? Yes, that's right, married! Although it was short lived, it was one for the books.

It all happened very quickly they got hitched in Vegasand that's how it ended too. George ended up cheating on his wife with another gorgeous doctor. Can you remember who this young lady was? Question 15 Where do Stephanie and Jackson break up? Amelia and Owen's wedding Their own wedding Matthew and April's wedding Stephanie was a beautiful doctor that joined Grey's Anatomy after a few seasons. She actually started with Jo Wilson. She had a knack for neurosurgery actually but things didn't really work out as they should have.

She ended up falling for another young and handsome doctor with lots of power behind his name.