Kristin allen and michael rodrigues dating

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kristin allen and michael rodrigues dating

Kristin Allen and Michael Rodrigues, acrobatic gymnastics a current member of USA Gymnastics' Athletes' Council (dating back to ) and. Michael Rodrigues is a retired elite acrobatic gymnast who now performs in the his former mixed-pairs partner, retired elite acrobatic gymnast Kristin Allen. Paul Allen enjoyed the company of fellow Microsoft co-founder Bill . Girlfriends: Socially awkward Allen once dated tennis star Monica Seles.

But neither the houses nor the planes hold a candle to the yachts. Allen has three of them, each vast and crewed to the hilt. His flagship, the ft Octopus, has eight levels, a crew of 60 including former U. Navy Seals, two helicopters, seven boats, a remote-controlled vehicle that crawls across the ocean floor, a recording studio and a ten-man submarine where the Beastie Boys recorded their last album.

Paul Allen's yacht Octopus, pictured here in Beaulieu, has eight levels, a crew of 60, two helicopters, seven boats and a recording studio where the Beastie Boys recorded their last album For Allen, it's a small price to pay to get the likes of Mick Jagger, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz and Paris Hilton on board.

Insiders say Allen has few close friends, although he is devoted to his widowed mother, Faye, 85, and sister, Jody, Many of the celebrities who throng his parties are simply friends of friends, they say. He has relied on the media mogul David Geffen and the actress Carrie Fisher to introduce him to Hollywood and Dave Stewart, the former member of the band The Eurythmics, to do the same in the music world.

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His propensity for party-giving may be Gatsby-esque, but looks-wise Allen is no Robert Redford. Acquaintances are pleasantly surprised to find Allen is not the usual aggressive 'alpha male' billionaire. Still, sadly people don't seem to go to Allen bashes for the host's bonhomie and sparkling conversation.

Allen is apparently so socially gauche that if a conversation takes a direction he doesn't like he just walks away. Although he was once romantically linked with Jerry Hall, who joined him on his yacht in the south of France shortly after her break-up from Mick Jagger inthe dalliance — if there was one — was short-lived. He also once dated tennis star Monica Seles.

The maudlin songs he wrote with titles such as Rhythm Of Hearts and Kingdom Of The Lonely for his rock band, Grown Men, are believed to have been his way of coping with the break-up many years ago. Non-famous girlfriends report being treated rather less sensitively, several saying he unceremoniously dumped them without explanation and further contact.

InAllen ended up in court after Abbie Phillips, who he had employed to run his film and TV production company, Storyopolis, accused him of sexually assaulting her. He denied the charge and the case was settled out of court, but not before her lawyer had accused him of mistreating four other women — 'developing crushes, lavishing gifts and vacations on, and then firing, married female employees'.

Women say he has nice, kind eyes and is 'sweet', even if he has the pallid complexion of someone who spends too much time on his computer.

Some report being terrified by his much fiercer sister, Jody, who appears to function as his gatekeeper. And well she might, given the size of his fortune. Romance may be complicated, but Allen is on surer ground entertaining en masse. His parties are the stuff of whispered conversations even among the top tier of Hollywood.

Robin Williams can hardly be alone in admitting, after being flown to Allen's masked ball in Venice, that he didn't know the man at all. If there's only one obvious quid pro quo to Allen's famous generosity, it seems to be a musical one. At least one of his musician guests always ends up performing at his parties and Allen usually joins them on stage, the Jimi Hendrix devotee thrashing away on his guitar while guests politely cheer and think of the goodie bags.

The post-cruise ones included cashmere socks, rucksack, travel rug and binoculars. Jagger repaid Allen's hospitality by letting him perform a guitar solo at his own 56th birthday party. Playing guitar is one of his two great passions. The other is sport. He might like shooting a few basketball hoops, but he's also keen on owning entire sports teams. His collection includes the U. Allen attends almost every Trailblazers home game, memorising every statistic and barraging the manager with text messages during the game.

Other interests more closely fit the geek stereotype.

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He wants to be a spaceman, too, and even has his own rocket, the SpaceShipOne, which won him a prize for putting the first privately-funded craft into space. Allen with Star Wars creator George Lucas, one of the many film personalities he likes to keep company with through his contacts Can it be any surprise to learn that Allen is a major contributor to the SETI, or Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, project?

As for Microsoft, he now concedes his old firm is way behind the curve, saying the company has suffered a 'decade of missed opportunities' while Apple, Google and Facebook stormed ahead in their respective fields.

kristin allen and michael rodrigues dating

During her time as a Bruin, the school won back-to-back team titlesand she received both the AAI Award and Honda Award in her senior year. A coach for more than 15 years, she holds the U.

Alex Rodriguez cheats on J. Lo and likes threesomes

Jessica Howard, rhythmic gymnastics Howard won three consecutive U. In addition, she won 12 individual event national titles as a senior, including a sweep of all four apparatus in On the international stage, Howard won the ball title and finished second in the all-around and ribbon competitions at the Pan American Games.

She also was a member of the U.

kristin allen and michael rodrigues dating

Team for the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. At the World Games, she recorded top eight finishes on all four events. At the Pacific Alliance Championships, she helped Team USA to the gold medal and took individual medals in the all-around silverclubs silverhoop silver and rope bronze.

She retired from competition in and served on the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors as an athlete representative for six years. Olympic Team and also won the silver medal on the uneven bars.

kristin allen and michael rodrigues dating

At the Olympics, she competed a triple turn in squat position on the balance beam, which was named "The Humphrey. She was also a member of the U. Team for the World Championships.

kristin allen and michael rodrigues dating

Humphrey was the first Olympian to compete for the University of Alabama, where her team finished second in her freshman year. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame in as part of the World Team. Jennifer Sans, trampoline and tumbling Sans won three World Championships gold medal for double mini-trampoline: In addition, she was also a member of the U. Team for the World Championships inwhere she helped the United States to a sixth place finish in trampoline.

Sans also was the silver medalist in both individual trampoline and synchronized trampoline at the Indo Pacific Games. In World Cup competition, she placed eighth in individual trampoline and sixth in synchro.

At the national level, Sans won six individual trampoline titlesand two silver medals Currently, Sans resides in Burnsville, Minn. Williams has also served as member of the U.