Humble the poet and superwoman dating advice

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humble the poet and superwoman dating advice

Just be honest and start a thread asking for advice, there are alot of secret . I wonder who she's dating hopefully not Humble the Poet. Kanwer Singh (known as Humble The Poet) is a friend of Lilly Singh and is an elementary school teacher, He is a special person who gives amazing advice. You've likely seen Lilly Singh, aka IISuperwomanII, on a building near you. The triple threat -- she's a motivational speaker, stand-up comedian.

If exhibitionism was a religion, I apointed myself its pope.

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I dedicated my life to proper posture, righteous decisions, and judging my classmates for their transgressions of inexactitude. I would sit up straight and keep my chin perpendicular to my chest, and try to perfect this 90 degrees angle in all aspects of life. In math class, on my pink BMX, during evening prayers, and while picking apples in my parents' orchard, it was quite the troublesome burden. It was a burden that I wholeheartedly accepted as one of the befitting hardships of my youth.

My classmates must have thought I was strange, perhaps I was.

Youtuber Lilly Singh?

I don't know if I thought my escapism encouraged audience interest or if the lack of interest encouraged more and more outlandish escapes, but whatever it was, my relationship with my audience was cyclical, my mind the responsive medium through which the content of my life was broadcast to the voracious world.

This is all to say this was not the reality. My imagination went beyond exhibitionism, voyeurism, and well, Mark Roberts.

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It surpassed the absorbing drawl of reality TV, where the producers hold the rights of production and content, and the audience holds only the right to viewership. Behold, Lilly Singh and Kanwer Singh, better known to the Internet as Superwoman and Humble the Poet respectively, ideological heirs of my imagination. It was disconcerting to sit across from online personalities without a monitor between us. They are innocuous in the physical space, wearing jeans and t-shirts; but online they have the raw force of Priyanka Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan.

This attraction is not dependent on one specific talent; instead it is the greater sum of their content, personalities, and dedication to their followers -- the holy trinity of my childhood devotions. Their work tells viewers they aren't alone, that moral stories can be feel good ones.

Their angle is to universalize content so it can be shared with all and understood by all. Of course, universalizing content is a hard thing to do. It's hard not to break the population down by gender, location, ethnic background, accessibility, economic class.

humble the poet and superwoman dating advice

It's their honest, emotion-grabbing approach to content that has allowed them to turn a passive audience into a cult following. Leave that to Kris Humphries. Our interview was scheduled at 1 p. We were talked out, danced out, and well, overall tired. How did this all begin? So we hung out together for a week as she helped me with my video shoot Superwoman: Please insert here that I'm a very good friend [laughs] HP: A very very good friend!

humble the poet and superwoman dating advice

And when we talk, I always respond by saying "Leh" [in Punjab it's a common phrase roughly comparable to "whatevs"]. And she had the idea that we should make a song called "Leh". I have to say that I do this a lot. A friend will be talking about something, and I'll always say, we should do something about this. Or we should make a video about this. It never really happens. This actually happened because Humble actually followed up. So why did you follow up?

I thought it was a wonderful idea. Not everybody gets to collaborate with her. There were a bunch of firsts in making this: Superwoman, you've taken a big step into the music scene, Humble into music for the masses. Was the collaboration an equal one? Well, yeah, I wrote my verses. In terms of writing, Humble wrote his verses as well as the hook, which is the best part of the song. In terms of workload, I do feel at times, he did more work than me. I think when you look at this holistically; in the long term you're going to see all of the exposure the track garnered came from Superwoman.

At this point she doesn't have to do anything but tweet the track once released, and it picks up. That's a result of three years of groundwork, which I think is incredible. The analogy I think is that she's the gun and I'm the bullet. We'll constantly be looking at what we both can bring to the table where she excels in certain departments and I excel in others. What did each of you bring to the collaboration? I think I brought the experience; Superwoman is a ridiculously talented content creator who posts constantly, although the medium is extremely different.

If one of her videos doesn't get a lot of views, she can redeem herself in the next. There's just not as much pressure in YouTube production as when you're releasing a musical track. In music, you put out a song and it's going to get played over and over and over again, so you have to make sure it is everything it can be.

I know the video platform so so so well. I know the perfect mixture of how comedic a piece has to be, what the video has to be like, what the song has to sound like, to make it successful. There was no head butting. She knew what her fans were going to like and we worked from there. We were able to look at the context. She got her friend, a YouTube star named Mr. Humble is a year-old former Rexdale elementary school teacher who earned minor YouTube fame for his rap-inflected spoken word poetry in the late s, before Lilly even joined the platform.

They have a brother-sister vibe: Her favourite souvenir from back home is a large piece by the artist Inkquisitive that features soulful illustrations of Drake drawn overtop the CN Tower.

Singh, like any law-abiding Torontonian, is a devout Drake fan.

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She finally got the opportunity to meet him last September, backstage at his concert in L. In the Instagram photo, Singh wore a trucker hat, closed her eyes and clasped her hands in mock prayer, while Drake made his signature 6 hand signal. She possesses a cartoon beauty, with giant eyes that look like a Snapchat filter and elastic, expressive features that are ideally suited to Internet vaudeville. When she sits, she leans forward, shifting her shoulders and splaying her legs like a manspreader on the subway.

humble the poet and superwoman dating advice

Most of her videos begin: Insiders know the S has a double meaning: Singh has lived out the classic second-generation Canadian success story. Her father, Sukhwinder, and her mother, Malwinder, grew up in the Punjabi region of India, where they were paired in an arranged marriage. Sukhwinder came to Canada in and found jobs as a factory worker, cab driver and furniture salesman, finally earning enough money for his wife to immigrate here in Malwinder worked at a company that produced CDs and cassettes.

Their elder daughter, Tina, was born in ; Lilly followed six years later. Singh has been honing her tomboy shtick since she was a kid. In Grade 3, she developed a pathological obsession with The Rock, back when he was still a wrestler. She kept a life-size cut-out of him in her bedroom, plastered her walls with posters and dressed up as him at a school fashion show.

Here, six of her favourite characters: Her sister recalls that, when Lilly was eight, she would carry around camcorders for days, recording her every move, reciting monologues, acting out skits—basically, what she does now. It was around that time that Singh discovered bhangra, the elaborately costumed, beat-heavy Punjabi dance form that closes out every Bollywood musical. Inwhen she started studying psychology at York University, she became president of her bhangra club. Soon, the group was hired to dance at Indian weddings, and Singh was spending more time choreographing shows and designing marketing materials than studying.

Her parents had so far exhibited saintly tolerance for her predilections, but, when it came to dancing in public, they balked. Ultimately, they just let me do it, because I was going to do it anyway. Tina now runs an occupational therapy practice. Singh found herself in a desperate funk. She spent two or three hours a day at the Gursikh Sabha, a baroquely furnished temple in Scarborough. I was always the only kid with a whole bunch of elderly people.

Marbles, whose real name is Jenna Mourey, had recently started her own YouTube channel, where she offered sexed-up satire spoofing the Paris Hilton generation. It bore no resemblance to the manic sketches she does now. The clip was a piece of earnest spoken word poetry about her connection to her temple, encouraging more young people to spend time volunteering in spiritual places.

She shared the clip on Facebook and watched it rack up 70 views. She believes in God, but adheres to no formal religion. As she got more comfortable in front of the camera, she set about establishing her brand of self-deprecating observational comedy, which at first catered specifically to second-generation South Asian teens.

humble the poet and superwoman dating advice

In between shooting skits and working a series of dead-end jobs, she learned how to light her videos, what kind of camera equipment to use, how to make graphics and sound effects—and she found most of this on YouTube how-to channels.

Within six months, she had more than a thousand subscribers. Gradually, her funk lifted.

A Conversation With YouTube Stars Humble the Poet and Superwoman #Leh

BySingh had amassed several thousand subscribers, and other YouTubers took notice. A creator named Allen Buckle, who went by Fluffee Talks, reached out to Singh and asked her to meet at his home. Buckle was a year-old comedian from Toronto who wore a black beanie and aggregated bizarro news stories from around the globe. At the time, he had aboutsubscribers. She sat in his living room and sipped a glass of water.

Sukhwinder struck a deal: Singh readily agreed and got to work formalizing her brand. She committed to a regular posting schedule and bought her first professional camera: Her popularity was spreading rapidly throughout the South Asian community. People would stop her at the grocery store, at the mall, at the movies and ask: Singh with her parents, Sukhwinder and Malwinder right at the L. Advertisers would negotiate with YouTube, then YouTube would typically take 45 per cent of the ad revenue and let creators pocket the rest.

At first, the company selected which users would be able to monetize their accounts. Most people had to wait months or years before they were chosen, but Singh got an email from the YouTube brass after she posted her third video, a guide to help brown guys decode the behaviour of brown girls.

InYouTube enabled any user to activate advertising. Since then, the number of ad-supported YouTube channels has ballooned from roughly 10, to more than three million. Advertisers pay a set rate for every thousand views. Seismic success is exceedingly rare. Many users—the hobbyists, whose views are in the thousands rather than the millions—might only earn a few hundred dollars a year. Most of them will never make a living off of YouTube, let alone experience the gilded life of Lilly Singh.

Advertisers have figured out that online video is one of the best ways to tap into a younger demographic. And while digital competitors like Facebook Live, Snapchat and Instagram are catching up, YouTube continues to dominate. Photograph by Getty Images The vast untapped revenue potential has spawned a cottage industry of YouTube professionals. There are analysts, like Ching and her team at OpenSlate, who crunch YouTube viewership data to advise brands on where their money is best spent.

YouTube talent scouts watch hours of video per day, investigating which incipient stars are getting the most likes and comments, and grappling with other companies to see who can sign them first. Sarah Weichel, an independent manager who represents Singh and several varsity-level YouTubers, wanted to work with musicians when she came to Hollywood five years ago.

Since then, The Collective shut down their music-management arm entirely to focus on digital talent.

humble the poet and superwoman dating advice

A phalanx of digital ad sales firms have emerged to help brands maximize their reach. A firm that manages 2, channels amasses billions of views every month, which is a considerable bargaining chip when negotiating with brands. Many of these companies also negotiate sponsorship deals and branded video collaborations on top of the pre-roll advertising. Singh has always had a meticulous vision for her YouTube channel.

She spent years poring over analytics, figuring out which posts were going viral and which ones were flopping.