Glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating images

My Not so Secret Life Chapter 1: Rachel's Secret, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating images

A little over a year later she's dating Noah and then 2 months after they begin dating But when the Glee club accidently finds out that same secret during their junior I actually like Finn and Rachel together in her story. . bullying but that doesn't stop the comments, pornographic pictures, cyber bullying. Puck looked up from the magazine he had secretly stashed in his sheet music Aside from Rachel, Puck was glad that none of the other glee members seemed all that impressed with Jesse. . You share some of the responsibility; I wasn't fake dating myself." That image made him feel a little better. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination Rachel Berry and Noah Puckerman share a secret, in fact they MY NAME IS KRISTINE AND THIS IS MY FIRST EVER GLEE FIC. . "That they're secretly dating?.

Will forces the Glee kids to sing a ballad together and Finn wants Quinn as his partner, but Will says the fate will decide. Finn tells his mom Quinn is pregnant; this makes her angry because she thinks that she might tell her mom which does not happen. Finn tries to defend her when her parents insult her for getting pregnant.

She later moves in with Finn, when Quinn's family yells at her and kicks her out. She stays at Finn's house. They go through a hard time together. Ballad Quinn wants to see if Puck would be a good father, and decides to distract Finn with Rachel. Quinn asks Kurt to give Rachel a makeover to make Finn more attracted to Rachel but Finn feels uncomfortable when Rachel advances on him.

Quinn gets mad at Puck when she finds out he was sexting sexy texting Santana while they were babysitting Terri's sister 's kids together.

Finn then tells Quinn what happened with Rachel and admits he loves her and he only wants to be with her, feelings, which she reciprocates. They then walk off together, looking happy while Rachel and Kurt watch jealously.

Hairography Puck and Finn rushes to Quinn's aid when she slips. Finn finds out trough Rachel the baby isn't his and punches Puck. He wants to make them admit they both lied to it. He seems genuinely upset and angered when he hears the truth. Quinn tries to apologize to him, however he doesn't listen to her, leaves the choir room and kicks a chair. When he returns to the New Directions he doesn't seem to have gotten over it and still shows Quinn and Puck the cold shoulder.

Theatricality Finn tells Quinn he has and always will have feelings for her when Quinn asks him out on a date because Rachel told her to see if Finn still loves her and her only. Sam asks him if he's still not over Quinn and Finn answers he has Rachel now. Duets Quinn and Finn are seen holding-hands and hugging each other when they sang Dog Days Are Overwhich promotes their friendship.

When he and Sam get into a fight, Quinn says it's actually hot. Finn causes Quinn to finally quit Cheerios over Glee Club to sing at the half time show at the big game. They share a feeling-filled look during the big game, and afterwards Quinn kisses Finn in the hallways, stating, "It reminds me why I loved you". Finn is stunned as she leaves.

He sets up a kissing booth, because he thinks she is the only girl in the school who won't willingly kiss him. At first she denies him, and tells him she knows what he is doing, but later she does kiss him at the booth, and they both see fireworks. Then, she asks him to meet with her in the auditorium the next day. They meet, and kiss, after Quinn relents that she only thinks she loves Sam. Finn and Quinn both then catch mono due to Santana's meddling, and lay in the nurse's office together.

Finn is determined to pursue Quinn, but she stops him, by telling him that she will not do anything with him until she figures out what is happening with Sam, and he with Rachel. Silly Love Songs Finn continues to go after Quinn, who tells him still that she has to figure out where she stands with Sam. He manages to decide on a date on Friday to "the Sullivan rink", which is incidentally the same day Sam had originally planned to take Quinn to "Color Me Mine".

Finn later tries to imitate Sam by dressing like Justin Bieber as well, to impress Quinn. Sam breaks things off with Quinn when he learns of her cheating on him, and their future is left unknown. Comeback At the Celibacy ClubPuck spots a Hickey on Quinn's neck; she tells him she burnt herself with a curling iron.

Quinn is seen making out with Finn on her bed. She tells Finn that he should have been her "first", instead of Puck, and that she belongs with him. They are revealed to be secretly dating. Sexy Quinn wants to bring their relationship out in public for Prom King and Queen votes. He is initially hesitant, but then later agrees.

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They hold hands during Candles after Quinn catches Finn and Rachel staring at each other longinglyand are seen publicly dating from then on. Quinn and Rachel have a talk with each-other about Finn and Quinn tries to tell her to let him finally go.

She also mentions she wants to spend her future time with him. Original Song Quinn and Finn are appointed to follow Mercedes ' every demand, much to Rachel's chagrin. During Mercedes performance of Ain't No Waythey are sitting together in the auditorium. A Night of Neglect First they get into a discussion because of Rachel's planned nose job. Later it is revealed Quinn was once overweight, had naturally darker hair and that she had gotten a nose job after transferring from her previous school.

Finn comes up to Quinn after finding this out and shows her the picture of how she used to be, kept in his wallet in place of one of her "better pictures", saying that it is his favorite of her because it is the first time he can actually see her. They share a kiss after this moment and seem to be going strong.

During the Warblers' performance of Somewhere Only We Knowthey are seen embracing and look as if they are happy in their relationship. Her eyes widened when he held her gaze, his mouth tilting up into a devilish smirk.

She remembered that smirk, and not just from six months ago when they dated. No, she had occasion to be on its receiving end a lot more recently… Flashback to last Monday To say that Puck's new hairstyle created a stir was something of an understatement.

As he shuffled into the choir room, head down and expression surly, all the gleeks stared at him in astonishment. I mean, he knew the 'hawk created fear and awe, but he thought his guns counted for something, damn it. But now people were staring at him like they'd never seen him before — literally in Britany's case, when she whispered to Santana "Who is that guy? Her jaw practically dropped off its hinge when she saw him, eyes wider than a fucking Disney woodland creature.

Then for the rest of the practice she wouldn't even look at him, averting her eyes like his hair had been the ark of the covenant's lid and now she's scared her face is going to melt off if she looks directly at him. He was all ready to grab her by the chin and force her pretty-ass face up to his when it happened.

Shue put him and Rachel together for part of the choreography for some '80's radio shit song that Finn just loves, of course and he had to twirl Berry under his arm and then hold her to his chest, one arm at her waist as she clasps his wrist with her cute hands just in grazing distance of her boobs — nice. And he didn't even need to hear the hitch in her breath or the way her eyes darkened the same way they did when they were rolling around on her bed from that crazy lost week, he can just feel it, the horniness rolling in waves off her.

That's when he gets why she can't look him in the eye since he lost his 'do'. Shaved heads give Rachel Berry serious lady wood. After practice when the last of the gleeks is filtering out the doorway, he decided to make his approach.

Noah took a moment to appreciate her position — Man, those skirts just keep getting shorter — before crouching next to her, idly picking up the odd page. Or did that stinker of a video you made send him running? Granted, it was a commodity she herself was in short supply of but that didn't stop her expecting it from others. She believes she would have pulled away immediately if it weren't for the way his arms were wrapped around her like warm steel, mashing her against his incredibly well built body.

At least, that was the story she was going with. It was at least 20 minutes later before she had the strength to gasp out a weak protest. It was like his own Vulcan neck pinch. Let's face it, darlin', you only meet half the criteria. So we keep this thing between us on the down-low and everybody's happy. Rachel Berry is not a 'bit on the side'. Rachel Berry is the main attraction! God help him but she was hot when she went into one of her primadonna rants.

Just like becoming entangled with a man who came complete with his own personal jealous Latina ex-girlfriend was probably not one of her more savvy life choices. These points were driven home when the drumroll ended and Puck announced "And the winner is… Rachel Berry!

Finn looks at her like she just beat up Santa Claus in front of a truckload of orphans while the rest of the glee club fold their arms and await the latest developments of the Rachel Berry teen soap opera. Rachel gingerly moved around her giant would-be boyfriend towards her until recently secret boyfriend, talking in her best overly confident, take-charge tone as she moved towards the stage.

His longer legs caught up to her in the corridor where he grabbed her hand, steering them to the school parking lot. It wasn't until he saw Santana and Mercedes angry figures growing smaller in the reflection of his rear view mirror that he took a full breath.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating images

Rachel was still hyperventilating next to him and he was just beginning to wonder uneasily where he could get hold of a paper bag for her when she started talking. Just pissed off two of the most dangerous bitches at McKinley High. My burning question is what the hell were you thinking? Every other girl or woman Puck had been with had been somewhere else, someone else's house, and someone else's bed. He was kind of glad; he wanted to remember that Rachel was the first in his bed.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating images

Rachel moaned and shifted underneath him bucking her hips up to his causing him to groan in anticipation. She had no idea what she was doing to him. As she kissed Puck and surrendered herself to him Rachel tried to block the memory of what she had seen when she had left school that afternoon.

Finn, standing with Quinn, his hands pressed to her belly, a smile of complete and utter happiness on his face. It was like one of those defining moments, an epiphany if you will, where Rachel realised that Puck had been completely correct that day on the bleachers.

Finn would never leave Quinn, not while they were having a baby together. Suddenly Rachel's perfect existence didn't seem to perfect anymore. All the while Rachel had been living in her rose tinted bubble believing that Finn would want to be with her, even while Quinn was pregnant but she should have known Finn was too nice a guy to just dump his pregnant girlfriend.

Finn would never be with her. She felt so damn stupid for naively believing that they could be together against all odds. This wasn't some fairytale. Rachel had backed away from the scene and slid into her car slamming the door behind her.

Just then the rain started falling onto her windscreen; the weatherman had predicted an afternoon storm. Rachel watched blankly as the rain became harder and harder and then she felt the water on her face and realised she was crying.

The image of Finn and Quinn just wouldn't leave her mind. Rachel rubbed her eyes furiously brushing away the tears. She was Rachel Berry and she did not cry over some high school boy.

Rachel caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and almost didn't recognise the pathetic girl she saw. Rachel wished she was someone else who didn't have to feel like this. She just wanted to forget, forget everything about Quinn and Finn and the baby. Rachel turned on her car and shoved it roughly into gear before tearing out of the parking lot. Rachel needed a distraction, she wanted to do something reckless, and she wanted to forget everything.

Rachel didn't want to be perfect anymore. Almost involuntary Noah Puckerman came to mind. Rachel had been saving herself for Finn, but why should she even bother when he would never want her? Rachel decided then and there, she was going to sleep with Noah Puckerman. He wanted her, she knew he did, and she wanted him; that was enough for her.

No more fairy tales about knights in shining armour coming to sweep her off her feet, no more dreams, no more fantasies. She was done being a perfect little princess; Rachel wanted to be normal, just like everyone else. She parked her car down the road from Puck's house not wanting to alert his mother to her presence. Rachel got out of her car and didn't even flinch when the thunder crashed above her. She didn't care that her perfect outfit and hair was being ruined, in fact, she relished it.

Glee fanfiction puck and rachel dating

Innocent, perfect Rachel was going to be a figment of her imagination after tonight. Rachel was soaked within seconds and she kicked off her sensible shoes, leaving them in her car, before she walked barefoot up the road and around the side of Puck's house. She had been here once before, when they were 'dating', she had met his mother Rebecca, and his sister Emily, and they had rehearsed and made out for a while in his room.

He had tried to go further but Rachel had stopped him, at the time thinking about how she wanted to save herself for Finn, but that was pointless now. Rachel didn't want Puck to stop this time.

She climbed up the tree beside his window. She was adept at climbing trees, as a child she had spent a lot of time on her own and made climbing the trees in her backyard a game.

She crawled across the branch to his window and waited, watching Puck. He was shirtless sitting on his bed with his back to her. He was strumming the guitar and as his fingers moved the muscles on his back rippled from the movement. Rachel couldn't help but admire him.

She reached out her hand. If she knocked this was it, she could say goodbye to sweet innocent Rachel. She hesitated only for a second before she knocked. Puck turned to her jumping off his bed, startled. When he saw her he raced over and opened the window pulling her in. She could feel his surprise at her actions but she was way beyond caring. She needed this, she needed him.

Puck shivered against her and Rachel pulled away from his lips briefly. His hands found her skirt and unzipped it before sliding it to the floor. He walked her backwards until she felt his bed on the back of her legs and she collapsed backwards pulling Noah on top of her.

His hands skimmed the sides of her body before one large hand came to settle on her breast, the other was on the back of her neck, angling her head up to his so that he could get better access to her mouth. Rachel hesitantly reached her hands out and grabbed his hips before arching her back underneath him with a moan.

Noah groaned in response and started trailing kissed down her neck, across her breasts then down her stomach.

Noah kissed her hip bone before sliding her underwear down slowly, feeling himself grow hard at the sight of her half naked. Rachel wiggled to help him get her underwear off, blushing a little.