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How to Set Up Marketing Funnels (TOFU, MOFU & BOFU)

ask funnel flow minus micro-commitment bucket survey It would me if I was trying to bring about a sea change in online marketing practice. that there are FIVE main buckets into which first-date sad sacks tend to fall. SpringOne Platform Buckets, Funnels, Mobs and Cats or: How We Learned to Love Scaling “We need to measure meaningful date. In this episode Susan Wenograd explores Facebook ad funnels that begin developing an idea of the three buckets you'll be working with.

Best Practices Keep these best practices in mind as you make your demo video: Keep your demo video simple. The CTA should be about booking an appointment rather than buying a service.

Do so using a lead box that pops up and easily collects the information. The lead box in the first screenshot above is from LeadPages. Get Access to Pricing Funnel How It Works As a service business, the number one concern for your customers is whether or not they can afford your services.

Your prospective customers understand that you want to meet their needs, but putting the pricing up front is a risk that could potentially turn them away. That said, it can be an opportunity to drive more leads. Create a landing page that describes your service and answers some common questions about it.

Then, as an opt-in opportunity to collect contact information, you have a lead box that leads to a pricing page.

If your customers are particularly price-sensitive, you can show a demonstration video on the pricing page, like Rick from Authentic Martial Arts see above. This is a preface to showing the numbers. In general, you should not show pricing upfront for your service. Instead, ask people to opt-in to get access. Alternatively, place it on a separate page that people will see after they have learned a bit more about what you are offering via your home or about pages.

Opt-in Page — From there, they must sign up to access pricing information. Checkout Page — Once Apollo has the opt-in information, prospective customers can choose a package and then check out. Use a two-step opt-in: With this, people may not immediately see the form on the page. Ask for minimum information: You at least need the name, email, and phone number of a prospective customer, but anything else is optional.

Lead Magnet Follow-up How It Works The idea for this funnel is that you create a lead magnet, like a checklist or a template, and you require a prospective customer to opt in to get it.

You can go further than a name or email depending on the qualified leads you want, like phone number or marketing budget. Structure of the Funnel This funnel here is pretty simple.

Top 5 Types of Lead Generation Funnels for Service Businesses (You’ll Love #4)

Make sure yours includes a bulleted benefits list and a large, colorful download button. Opt-in Page — To get access to the lead magnet, the prospective customer now has to sign up.

After that, the customer is brought to the download page to download the lead magnet. CRM Switch asks a few extra questions to improve their process, but this is optional. Best Practices Here are some tips to follow for your lead magnet follow-up: Keep your emails short: These emails should be easily digestible. Focus on the idea: These should still each be words. You can also build credibility and trust this way.

You ask them what their biggest challenges are, giving them two to five options. Depending on their responses, you can put them in a specific email follow-up bucket. You should follow up in a three-email sequence. Arrange customers in up to five buckets.

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  • How to Set Up Marketing Funnels (TOFU, MOFU & BOFU)
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Here it is in action. Opt-in Page — The prospective customer must first opt in. Survey Page — This is the page that contains your survey. In our case, we include a short video about why customers should bother to fill out the survey. Results Page — Some service businesses may opt to make a separate results page.

Top 5 Types of Lead Generation Funnels for Service Businesses (You’ll Love #4)

This is optional, though. Best Practices When making a survey funnel, remember this best practice: Again, ask no more than three questions to avoid fatiguing the prospective customer. This has a similar motivation to some of the other funnels, in that a prospective customer wants to know how much the service is going to cost.

The lead quiz is also a lot like a survey funnel. A prospective customer will fill out the information and then receive an instant email based on how they answered the questions.

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You promised something and delivered it. The second email you send needs to position you as an authority. You may want to send a case study, preferably one you can tell a story around. A client success story would be ideal. Find a case study of someone who practiced the same process as you and had successful results.

Make it interesting with real-life characters if possible. Then use it as a teaching tool. You can then make a soft offer at this point or a hard offer in the next step. This way, people understand how your solution is providing them value.

Add an FAQs section as well as testimonials, reviews and other social proof. Add links, from the middle to the bottom of the email, where customers can click to your landing page. Here, they can learn more and actually make the purchase. These emails should not be giant essays; limit them to words at most. And since they are so short, this is an email sequence you can write in a single day, even in under three hours.

I recommend sending your emails on Tuesdays and Thursdays early in the morning. That research finds that customers respond to emails sent on Tuesdays more than the rest of the week. Thursdays are the second best day for emails, including follow-ups. CoSchedule also found some optimal times to send these emails.

He called it Running Shoes Guru. He boasts nearly 50 daily new subscribers and about 20, total subscribers. Loda used email marketing to increase subscribers and keep his current ones interested. What does Loda contribute to the success of Running Shoes Guru? He offers subscriber-only eBooks and his informative links contained within his emails.

These let runners know about new gear and nutrition. These free resources naturally pique interest and the follow-up helps to position him as an authority.