Faris badwan dating alexa chung and alex

Faris badwan dating alexa chung

faris badwan dating alexa chung and alex

Faris Badwan and Alexa Chung photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. Who is Alexa Chung dating right now? We're not sure. If you know Alexa Chung and Alexander Skarsgård. 68 3. Faris Badwan and Alexa Chung. 31 With the news that Arctic Monkey's Alex Turner and Alexa Chung In this pic, Alex makes 'a LOL' about the height of Alexa's ex Faris Badwan.

Alexa Chung reveals her super thin frame in nautical-inspired dress

Who Is Alexa Chung? And with her glamorous look and intelligence, she has won millions of hearts.

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And most of her male fans out there are just crazy for this beautiful model. Well, to talk about her relationships and affairs, this beautiful lady has been in quite a lot of relationship.

And today in this section, this is all we are going to talk about. So let's zoom on.

Faris badwan dating alexa chung

Alexa Chung and her in-and-out Relationships Well, let's start from the beginning. David is a fashion photographer.

faris badwan dating alexa chung and alex

The couple seemed quite serious about each other as they dated each for a 3-long year from to Alexa Chung with her ex-boyfriend David Titlow, a fashion photographer Source: And on a sad note, the couple broke up after being in a relationship for 3 years.

The rumors turned out to be true when the couple publically started dating each other in the same year i. Zimbio Well, this time the relationship didn't seem serious because they broke up within a year. Well, it takes a lot to build up a strong relationship but just a few seconds are enough to pull it to the end.

But even though they are no longer in a relationship, they are still friends.

faris badwan dating alexa chung and alex

Well, something is better than nothing, isn't it? Here, when the chapter of Badwan ended, it opened the door for a new chapter in Alexa's love life.

Faris Badwan and Alexa Chung - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

And this time the model herself admitted that she was really heartbroken after the split. Even after their split, the couple is in good terms. But as the main attraction, Chung doesn't disappoint, mocking herself as ''a selfish DJ'' who won't play or wear anything from the '80s.


She is lucky to be here, too, because she's living in New York: After the press conference, Chung and I are whisked into a private room for our interview. Given her unassuming on-camera persona, I'm surprised to find how controlling she is of her image.

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Minutes ago photographers were snapping hundreds of pictures of her - but on seeing my snapper approach, Chung baulks. Chung seems the most unlikely fashion icon. And yet she is just that. Her status was confirmed by no less than the queen of fashion journalism, Vogue's Anna Wintour, who described Chung as ''a phenomenon''. Chung is wary of the hype: It was then she landed her first TV job as co-host on the music show Popworld. But nothing Chung does grabs the headlines as much as her boundary-pushing fashion sense.

faris badwan dating alexa chung and alex