Engineer and nurse dating

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engineer and nurse dating

"The Nurse is the Engineer's Best Friend" Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share ( MPSIMS) Join Date: May Location: Massachusetts. Engineers & Nurses Top The List Of The Most Romantic Professions Which is a good sign if you are dating an engineer or a nurse, as I'd say. Still not convinced you should date an engineer? Learn 10 reasons why they make such great partners.

So my theory has held true for 10 years. If you are a nurse who used your amazing sense of pi-dar — the ability to sense or attract an engineer within 50 meters — to lasso your true love in the school of engineering, please heed my advice: Make changes to the wardrobe slowly.

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The shock can be overwhelming. Finally, never complain about power tools being purchased for the home. As long as he is not teaching your preschooler how to use them, you are in great shape. They really are quite handy to have around. Subscribe to Our Feed! I am a Psych RN by the way. It is meant to be because he has taught me patience and I help him through his social anxiety.

January 25, at 8: I wish you many years of happiness and full control of his wardrobe in the future! Dating 6 months here is the update: For me, my stress stops at work! Lisa, you totally just made my day!

Dating on Tinder? These Jobs Get the Most Right Swipes

You have now won for the best and longest comment on my site. I should give you some sort of an award. Perhaps a pocket frog? Hi Stacey I am a registered nurse who has been dating a chemical engineer for a year now. You are so right! And like you, many of my nurse friends are married to engineers. When they got older they complained that the families of their friends discussed sports. So far knocking on wood all six are gainfully employed It takes a certain kind of person to live with a techie and it makes little difference if the techie is male or female.

engineer and nurse dating

Most engineers can fix anything except the crack of dawn or a broken heart. It is indeed fun living here in Dilbertville. Well worth the trip. Thanks for the dating tips! Cherish The Scientist July 15, at 2: We also are both history buffs and love to read, so we have a lot of non-technical things that we love to talk about.

Although … my son is third generation nerd.

engineer and nurse dating

He was doomed from the start, although we never pushed him into it. I would take him with me sometimes when I traveled. We only had one. How could they not be thrilled by lexical scanners, LALR 1 languages, and peephole optimizations?

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Hmmm … teenage boys may interpret that last one differently. I do like the lists in the blog. Met a great gal, married, put her thru nursing school, then she put him thru engineering school.

Sport4star February 8, at 6: I myself being that same case.