Dolph ziggler and lana dating in real life

Aj Lee Dating Dolph Ziggler In Real Life – No Interracial Dating

dolph ziggler and lana dating in real life

One recent story of a couple doing well together on WWE television was the act of Do you know if Rusev and Lana has ever been a real life couple? with CM Punk, Kane, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler at different points. Most of the time, onscreen wrestling couples transition into real life romances. wrestlers onscreen including Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and John Cena. who fans wish would've gotten together in real life, yet sadly they didn't. When news broke of Lana and Rusev's real life engagement, WWE. On-screen relationships in the WWE can often lead to partnerships in real life. The most recent example is CM Punk and AJ Lee. After dating.

There is nothing worse than seeing two Superstars attempting to be romantic while also appearing to be uncomfortable doing so.

There have been multiple random pairings that shockingly had the fans' support despite being placed together for the sake of booking. Other couples might make perfect sense on paper, but fail to convey any interest from the fans for various reasons that we will be going through. With today's list, we look at 8 fake WWE relationships no one believed and 7 that had us going.

dolph ziggler and lana dating in real life

Edge And Vickie Guerrero via pinterest. She was the perfect sidekick and formed one of the top heel couples that we had ever seen. And while he remained a top heel, Edge once again needed to have someone to add to his heat, which is why his on-screen relationship with Vickie Guerrero was formed. Of course everyone immediately realized that it was simply a storyline and not a reflection of their current relationship status.

They didn't generate major heat from the fans to become truly hated, but nobody was tricked into believing that they were in fact together in real life. But it helped both of their careers, so it paid off in the end.

Randy Orton And Stacy Keibler via youtube. Orton would go on to have some tough weeks before being put in a romantic angle with Stacy Keibler. And it did work since some people were invested in the segments that involved them, which would help Orton in the long run. Most fans didn't get the happy ending they wanted as they split up when Orton delivered an RKO to Keibler inside the ring, thus officially turning heel once again.

But for the short run the couple had, they made a great fit and captured the attention of the fans. They were two of the best looking performers that WWE had so it was only natural for fans to be interested in seeing them together even if for just a short period of time.

It also wasn't out of the question to wonder whether they were actually a legitimate item at the time. Enzo Amore And Nia Jax via youtube. In the midst of Enzo Amore's heel run as Cruiserweight Champion, the WWE began an angle where Nia Jax became increasingly flirty with Enzo and the seeds were fully planted for the two to be an eventual on-screen couple.

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Perhaps WWE was thinking they could revisit the dynamic of Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix, who were paired as an on-screen couple, with Beth being the imposing figure, alongside Santino, the comedic act. When Enzo was released from WWE, the angle was scrapped and it's probably for the best, as it's hard to think the angle would have benefited either wrestler's career.

Mark Henry And Mae Young via thewrestlingblog. If you had told fans that Henry would end up becoming a Hall of Famer back inmost would not have believed you. Henry rose to fame during the Attitude Era for being apart of an angle that is still talked about today, as he was romantically involved with Mae Young on WWE television. While the storyline provided some hilarious moments, nobody truly fell for WWE booking or even thought that they were together.

It was clearly over the top from the beginning and intended to be as cringe worthy as it turned out to be. Some thought that Henry would never recover afterwards since that angle tarnished his reputation for quite some years, although he did turn around his career as he got older. John Cena And Maria via cagesideseats. It started off with Cena being interviewed backstage by Maria, which would always end up with him being flirtatious.

They would eventually make out on WWE television, and Cena even saved her once from an attack - but nothing truly materialized afterwards. For one reason or another, the company decided to move on from the angle.

After having teased about a potential new couple in town, WWE went with a different direction. Cena and Maria did show some good chemistry at the time back when she was still portraying the role of a simple minded and gullible Diva. It led to rumors popping up that the two were dating, but that's nothing but fan theory. Fans also thought that there was potential to continue growing the storyline, which is why some were disappointed to see the WWE completely drop it and never mention it again.

They shared multiple kisses on screen, but that storyline was also dropped just as quickly as the last one.

dolph ziggler and lana dating in real life

And although this one was a major one compared to the brief Maria angle, it didn't really connect with the fans. Most didn't think that Cena and AJ Lee made a good couple, so fans weren't truly invested in the storyline. They were also well aware of their real life relationship status, which affected their on-screen relationship.

Unlike the previous entry, Cena didn't look very comfortable in this role, which led to some awkward moments on camera. It's probably for the best what we continue to pretend as if none of this ever happened since most fans have already forgotten about it by now. Christian And Trish Stratus via youtube.

And while some angles may have been bigger and more popular, she probably had the best fit along with Christian. They would team up against Chris Jericho - who was also involved with Stratus - to become one of the most popular duos of It didn't last too long as they would go on to separate and have successful solo runs, but some fans would have preferred to continue seeing them together.

They had good chemistry backstage and inside the ring, and their relationship could have done favors for both Superstars in the long run. Christian may have even reached main event level if Stratus continued to be his partner instead of having Tomko be his sidekick. There were many couples from the Ruthless Aggression era, but Christian and Trish remain among the best. Featured Today 9 No One Believed: Vince McMahon And Sable via youtube.

And there was also a storyline involving Sable as his mistress, which led to a family feud with Stephanie McMahon. The storyline did bring some funny and memorable moments, so it wasn't a total waste of time, but it did go overboard which is the usual when a McMahon is involved.

And as much as Vince wanted the fans to buy into the angle, most fans didn't care enough since kayfabe was already dead by then.

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And when Vince is involved in a storyline then it's guaranteed to be a major one, but unlike previous years, this one didn't particularly benefit anybody. If anything, it only took air time from those who were far more deserving than Sable.

The Rock And Trish Stratus via allwwedivas. Both wrestlers have retired after having legendary careers. Did they ever actually date in real life? The story saw AJ start with dating Daniel Bryan for a few months. Bryan was playing a ruthless heel that manipulated her into helping him retain the World Championship. The romance with Cena was quite memorable as they actually had great chemistry together.

Did AJ date Cena outside of the television product? The addition of Maryse helped Miz rise from a long stint in irrelevance into one of the hottest heel acts going. Miz and Maryse had flawless chemistry that made them the perfect couple for WWE.

Do you know if they legitimately dated outside of WWE storylines? Austin and Debra were announced as being married randomly. Debra managing The Rock heading into WrestleMania 17 actually played a role in the storyline of the biggest match in WrestleMania history. Tori often took dangerous bumps helping X-Pac win his matches.

This was a rare instance of a woman at the time being allowed to pull off impressive moves as part of her story. Did Tori date X-Pac in real life? Torrie ditched the WCW side of things to become a face by dating the popular midcarder Tajiri. The two stayed together for quite some time with a lot of comedic segments helping both get cheers from the crowd.

Tajiri eventually turned heel by becoming a jealous boyfriend. Wilson got involved in a few other romantic storylines going forward. Goldust was a character that pushed the buttons of homophobia in society and was ahead of its time in many years. They worked well together for about a year until WWE decided they would be better off apart in separate stories. Did they actually date in real life? Question 13 Yes No Santino is remembered as a comedic character for both roles as a face and a heel.

It started as a heel when he became a jerk while dating the stunning Maria Kanellis on Raw. The fans turned on his face character so Santino went heel by ripping the fans and treating Maria poorly. Santino often was the butt of the jokes going forward from here. This led to Jeff Hardy and Trish Stratus dating as well for a short time period on television. Jeff helped save Trish in the ring multiple times leading to her falling for him. It also made sense for Jeff to have a love interest given how important Matt and Lita were to each other.

Did Jeff and Trish have a real relationship? It later became established that they were an item staying together jumping from DX to The Corporation while remaining loyal to each other.

They started dating against the wishes of their respective families. Spike had to deal with his bullying brothers Bubba Ray and D-Von. Molly was dealing with her own annoying cousins of Hardcore and Crash Holly. Fans would support the underdog couple strong leading to huge pops each week. At one point, Spike was over enough to have a mini-feud with Steve Austin.

dolph ziggler and lana dating in real life

Was Spike and Molly a real couple? The two even worked together later on in Lucha Underground as a couple once again. Do you know if they were ever an item outside of wrestling? The role saw her playing an exhibitionist that did a dance routine on stage attempting to strip before her boyfriend Mike Knox stopped her from showing it all.

Knox and Kelly was an item on ECW for a few months until she finally broke free from his possessive nature.

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Question 19 Yes No WWE had a silly idea on how to make Test relevant by not only pairing him with Stacy Keibler but giving him a new branding opportunity. Stacy started referring to the Test fans as his testicles. Regardless, Keibler walking to the ring with Test helped get cheers out of love for her until they split up. Was Test and Stacy a real couple off camera? Question 20 Yes No The career of Vickie Guerrero was way more successful than anyone could have predicted.

The angle was expected to see her used for a short time period but she remained with WWE for many years. Sable witnessed her career rise during her time as the love interest and manager of Marc Mero.