Choiza and sulli confirmed dating divas

Fans find 'evidence' of f(x) Sulli and Choiza dating

choiza and sulli confirmed dating divas

Posted 16 March - AM (Edited by Extremedivas, 16 . Sulli and Choiza recently confirmed they'd broken up after 2 years and 7. Monday, October 27, fashion king, fx, sulli comments when she's the lead all because of one dating scandal talk about the greatest actress of our time. 6. .. They want to know about Choiza or why she was on hiatus. . why everyone's like??? about this, because they want confirmation of how bad things are. Main · Videos; Dating in college is not a good idea. The flirts choiza and sulli confirmed dating divas choiza and sulli confirmed dating divas ang dating daan.

Rainy conditions mean a driver needs to slow down more than usual to avoid accidents. This is especially true when the weather conditions elevate the risk of accidents. She might have done that many times and nothing happened, but the risk is never worth it. Fellow members Kwon Rise and Lee Sojung were taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries and were in critical condition from the start, which prompted the doctors to begin surgery immediately.

I kept praying and I still am praying for their safe and full recoveries. Reports eventually came out that Lee Sojung had stabilized after about seven hours in surgery, but Kwon Rise stayed for nine hours and was taken to the ICU for further treatment.

choiza and sulli confirmed dating divas

Naturally, Polaris Entertainment issued a statement once they were able to gather more information and take in the situation. The statement says the members were returning from their scheduled activities when the back tire of the van fell out. It goes on to mention the status of Kwon Rise and Lee Sojung as well as a wish for fans to pray for the members. Regardless of how the tire came loose, I have prayed for Eun-bi to rest in peace and for the full recoveries of those injured.

The safety of those who are assets to your company should be more important than their schedules. No matter how bothersome it may be, you must always check the condition of the car being mobilised and the driver who is to drive. To all the managers in the entertainment industry. Some tweets or Facebook comments show some mourners did not consider themselves fans of the group, but the news still broke their hearts.

This is what I am talking about here. Family, friends and fans need strength to get through this tragic event now more than ever. I still choke up and begin cry a bit when I think about it. Why is being respectful so hard for some people? You are a jerk and a disrespectful wretch, as well as a pathetic attention-seeker. This proves another important point in the Kpop world. One of the most ignorant things I have ever heard about Kpop idols was that they decided to become celebrities, so that means bashing them is just part of the natural order.

choiza and sulli confirmed dating divas

These idols see the hurtful comments, even if you are commenting on YouTube videos or your personal blogs. They see reaction videos and their feeling can be hurt. Now is the time for unity and that is how it should be all the time. Ignore and block the cruel people who would mock this situation and those who are mourning now. I mostly see news of families gathering to celebrate their family, remember those who have passed and even visit the graves of deceased loved ones.

Eun-bi expressed her desire to be with her family, since she is not able to see them often. She is quoted in a Koreaboo.

choiza and sulli confirmed dating divas

The narrative can be read here. It concludes saying that EunB can no longer be on stage, but she will be remembered for her time there. That is important for everyone to remember too. Remember Eun-bi for the sweet young woman who loved her fans and brought joy to many people.

I will conclude by saying that I am extremely sad at the passing of Go Eun-bi and I will keep praying for Kwon Rise and Lee Sojung to make full recoveries. I hope all the members, families, friends and fans involved can rely on each other to get through this tough time together.

Some people will never recover because of how important Eun-bi was to them, but they can always rely on those who feel the same.

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Heaven has a new angel in Go Eun-bi and fans will help her live on in memory. My deepest condolence to the family of Go Eun-bi. May she Rest In Peace R. Polaris Entertainment defends the manager and the van was sent to the National Forensic Service for inspection.

I believe they should have gone with a van that has a good track record, even if it was one ride. It seems too risky to use something like a vehicle that is being used for the first time. I just wish they had asked for a van with a record of secure passenger transportation. She also sustained a facial fracture, which is why there was talk of her not being able to be an entertainer again due to facial damage.

This is not a statement made by the hospital or the label, so it is too early to say that. It is likely that the label and family thought it would be unwise to tell Sojung this information when she is going to get surgery again and still in shock from the incident.

I was always told that no parent wants to bury their child and I have always believed that. I have constantly said on social media that I believe Eun-bi is like a guardian angel to the other members now and I believe her spirit will help RiSe recover.

They are objects to be had and if they are off the market, there isn't much point in selling them, right? For fans to support these celebrities, they should be, no matter how remotely, available for the fans. Fans must be given that slight glimmer of hope that they have a chance. It's All About Image When boy bands or girl groups are formed, members are given an identity.

Breaking: Sulli And Choiza Have Broken Up

There is the leader, the cute maknae youngestthe mysterious, the boy next door, the innocent and pure, and a whole lot of other personalities. In Korean entertainment, the "art" is a secondary concern. Fans support celebrities based on their personalities. That is why new boy bands are given reality shows and are thrown into variety shows.

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If these celebrities manage to get attention, they garner fans even before their album is launched. In a sense, their popularity determines how much further investment their agency will make. Sometimes, the management company isn't the one to assign the celebrity's image.

DBSK famously said they were the ones who decided on their image. DBSK, along with others, take on this image because they recognize the importance is building a distinct personality that will make them rise above others or they trust their agency knows what thy are doing.

The bottom line is that these supposed artists are packaged and made to sell their personalities from the get go. From the get go, the market is provided with an image of a celebrity and based on this image, they provide their support.

It was not that celebrity's craft or work that is sold, it's their personality. As such when it is proven to be a fake, fans feel betrayed and no one likes being betrayed.

choiza and sulli confirmed dating divas

Their Personal Life is No One's Business I ultimately agree that anyone's personal life is no one's business but if these idols agree too, they would not sign the contract or get into the industry. Others might argue that they want to work. Well then, don't be an idol, be an artist. The problem is that they participate in forming this illusion to achieve their goals and when they realize that there is a trade off to their ambition, they resent the very industry that afforded them their success.

I know people will say their success is a product of their hard work but it's the kind of work that fits the industry of the idol world. Further, they would only be half correct because everyone knows they are kept alive by their devoted fans who buy those CDs by the hundred just to make sure idols get their sales up.

These are the fans that follow them In all of their concerts even if they have seen it ten times just to make sure their concert gets sold out.

The point is that this is simple physics. For every action there is an equal reaction. You sell your personality, fans will expect to have that personality. Further, if the celebrities feel that their personal life is no one's business, then why deny it in the first place? People could claim that these young idols don't have a choice but that's wrong. There is always a choice. The choice may be a career or termination of contract but there is always a choice.

Do you know why Taeyeon is being branded a weak leader? If these celebrities opt to choose something else over their relationship then the agency may be right in the first place. If they are not willing to put their relationship above everything, then maybe they really should put their career as the center. When they are ready to put family life above career then It's time to open up about their relationship. Back to Choiza and Sulli The fans have some, as silly as it may sound, right to be angry.

choiza and sulli confirmed dating divas

San lied to them. After all the support they have shown Sulli, SM lied to them. Is Sulli to blame? Well, the girl fell in love.