Borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating

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borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating

Oh, and I'm still offering a reward for Roland, the mass-murdering leader of the Crimson Raiders. Good hunting, bandits!. Brick · Lilith · Mordecai · Roland · Axton · Maya · Salvador · Zer0 · Gaige · Krieg . In the original Borderlands 2, Moxxi did not have an intro; however, in Mr. Torgue's In the Underdome Riot DLC, Moxxi displays some kind of interest in Lilith and In Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, she states that she has dated Motor. and I were married on February 29th, , after seven years of dating. I was so inspired by Lilith, I began dipping my toe into cosplaying as her and modeled my asymmetrical haircut after hers. elisa cosplay. Roland had guns. and delight when our accidental 'ship became canon in Borderlands 2!.

Get out of here! His mind is too dangerous for you! Get out before it hurts you! His inner voice shouted back at her, worry filling its near whisper. Just then, Krieg shouted loudly; "Argh! Now the pretty lady is inside too!? I will not tolerate such an invasion of my gorgeous bacon! You will get out now, Lady, or I'll take your body for my next meat bicycle! Her eyes opened instantly and Krieg began to feel his muscles getting heavy and his body hard to move.

Remember what I told you? Never an innocent… Never someone who didn't deserve it… You touch her; I end us… "Ragh! I will not listen to you forever, you whispering infection!

Maya stepped up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, causing him to look into her eyes. Krieg again led the pair; his body language cold and slightly less friendly then before — if that was possible.

We'll need to jump into it from that large rock there…" Maya said slowly, pointing to the large, jagged rock that looked like a ramp in the middle of The Dust on their map. Maya walked up to the teleporter in The Highlands where they were and booted up the screen for The Dust, waiting for Krieg to finish. Soon after, he was done and exited the menu, allowing Maya to activate the travel. Then in less than several seconds, they stood in Ellie's Garage in The Dust.

Maya reluctantly did as he asked, or rather commanded, and spawned a Bandit Technical for them, hopping into the driver's seat. Krieg followed suit without another word, jumping into the back seat of the technical and pulling out his cursed shotgun. With that, the pair sped off into The Dust's many rolling dunes and expansive sandy perils. They passed several Spiderants while leaving, offering Krieg the opportunity he wanted; He then raged and started throwing axe after axe at the Spiderants, leaving nothing but more blood and fleshy paste in the Bandit Technical's wake.

His rage then wore off and they continued on through the desert. After about another few minutes, the pair reached the rock ramp that the map indicated, and beyond it, the bandit town that they were looking for; so in a rare moment of making sense, Krieg said, "I say we charge those bloody meat sacks and make Salad dressing…" Maya cracked a smile at that and started the afterburner in the Technical.

borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating

As the technical reached the end of the ramp, Krieg jumped out, landing on the outer edge of the town while Maya and her car landed in the center of the town, gaining most of the bandits' attention. The car was not exactly standing up to the constant fire of the bandits and she was forced to run out and find cover while her health regenerated.

Her Flame of the Firehawk Shield only took about five shots to shatter and only four more to nearly kill her on the spot as she made her way to a large piece of metal for cover. She then readied her sniper rifle so she could keep them at a range as she allowed her shield to replenish.

Meanwhile, Krieg was raging on the outskirts of the area, tearing into several Goliaths with his axe and laughing as they barely hurt him through his damage reduction. As the former opponent fell to the ground in a heap, Krieg heard the sound of gunfire and screams of peril. He smiled a wicked smile under his mask and charged forward without a moment's hesitation, screaming at the top of his lungs as he ripped into every bandit he passed on his way to the other screams and the now more apparent sounds of Sniper fire and dying bandits.

Within seconds, he reached his mark and began hacking at enemies as their attention was foolishly drawn to Maya while she picked off one after another.

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After taking down about five or so, an Ultimate Badass Nomad exited one of the shacks and started to focus Maya, pinning her down in cover. Krieg didn't even notice that the Nomad was attacking her; he just wanted to kill him. He released a heavy grunt of pain before spinning around and starting to rifle-butt Krieg in the chest with his weapon.

Maya was now able to exit her cover long enough to realize that there were two Goliath Blasters getting ready to fire at Krieg while he fought the Nomad; so she fired at each; removing their helmets and leaving them to rage and fight one another while the other bandits were defeated. Only several moments were needed to take care of the rest of the enemies while the Goliaths fought and soon, they too were killed off and the loot was divided.

She looked softly at Krieg as he made several grunts of mild discontent while she spoke. Maya just shrugged and walked up next to him and began to scan the horizon for something else for Krieg to demolish in order for him to continue to be reasonable, or at least somewhat reasonable.

borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating

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Ones that don't involve Meat bicycles… It was actually very easy to get him to agree to it, just had to enter his mind to talk with his inner voice…" Maya replied, looking at Krieg as he continued to smack his head against the concrete.

Don't pretend you don't like it… " Krieg then shouted, taking hold of his helmet and ramming into the nearest wall. He hit so hard that he fell to the ground. He looked at her with a look or sheer bewilderment. And just because you're insane doesn't mean that I would stab you. She then shook her head lightly and turned away from him to lead them for once. The truly interesting fact was that for the entire trek to the Tundra Express, Krieg was silent; this was worrying to her as she thought about it.

Krieg is never silent; silence means that he's thinking, and thinking for him is never a good sign. Perhaps trying to hang out with a psychopath was a bad idea… and now he's about to snap and attempt to kill me? Or maybe he's thinking of ways to get out of speaking to me?

She really didn't know, and that's what scared her; out of all the Vault Hunters, he was the only one that was as unpredictable as Jack was. And she was stuck with him until further notice.

Meanwhile, Krieg was thinking some much different thoughts; You know; you're actually much more peaceful when a girl has peaked your interests… Maybe you should start dating… I think she's into you… his inner voice commented. Your brain words make my rubber bands stutter! Now shut up before I have to kill her to shut you up! Krieg shouted at his inner voice.

Because I was a little worried that you would try to attack me or something… And I don't want to kill you…" she said, her voice adopting a rather predator-like sound. Krieg's visible eye widened as he looked deeply into hers for several moments before beginning to speak.

Dude, what are you doing? His inner voice said. Maya was confused by what she'd heard when she decided to listen in to Krieg's thoughts to try and see what he'd meant. Do… Do you like me? Krieg saw her reddening and looked at her quizzically, wondering what was happening to her. She's embarrassed, you dolt! His inner voice commented. Your questions yield no birthday cake and your answers offer only questions! Krieg's inner voice interjected, pulling his attention away from Maya yet again.

Mordecai is the very definition of a glass cannon, and he's usually down in a couple of hits. That's actually pretty understandable: That doesn't stop his childish egocentrism from being such, though. During their adventure, the Vault Hunters face many hazards, and most importantly the opposition of Commandant Steele, leader of the private military force of weapon manufacturer Atlas Corporation: Wanting whatever alien technology might be hiding in there, she claims the contents of the Vault belong to Atlas.

When the four main characters finally reach the Vault, Steele is there to take the key and see for herself what's inside. Turns out all the Vault contains is a horrible monstrosity known as the Destroyer, an alien creature sealed away eons ago by the ancient Eridian civilization of Pandora. They wanted to prevent it from eating the whole universe In spite of everything, the four Vault Hunters manage to defeat this monster.

All that's left of the legend of the Vault is a useless key and a dead tentacle monster. At last, the Vault Hunters leave the key in the custody of archaeologist Patricia Tannis for further research. There's still some treasure seeking to do, though; the Vault Hunters keep travelling together and bounty hunting some more.

These are the events depicted in the four DLCs of the first Borderlands. The notable one as for what concerns Mordecai is his participation in the Underdome, a life-and-death tournament hosted by a sexy lady known as Mad Moxxi.

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Mordecai is crowned the winner of the tournament, and awarded with all the riches and weapons he ever dreamed of. However, he refuses all this wealth: She ends up giving him a chance, maybe even out of pity; however, Mordecai soon learns that princesses whose hands are to win are but a construct, and that there are things he just can't get, no matter how much he tries.

Their failed relationship will be explored in more detail in the next page. As it turns out, the opening of the Vault triggered the appearance on planet Pandora of a rare ore, a mineral that can be used as an energy source and that seems to have some connection to Lilith's Siren powers: As their adventures continue, the Vault Hunters notice an increasing presence of another weapon corporation on the planet: Hyperion, led by a man known as Handsome Jack.

He sees himself as a hero with the mission to cleanse the planet from bandits and other scum; eventually, he proclaims himself dictator of Pandora and takes all credit for the opening of the Vault. So, Roland decides to found the Crimson Raiders as a resistance group with the other three Vault Hunters as founding members and a base in New Haven.

Following his temperament, Mordecai sits on the sidelines of the organization, helping out by keeping his eyes open and delivering information to Roland. It was a matter of time before Hyperion attacked New Haven. The Vault Hunters put up a fight, and lose; the mayor, Helena Pierce, is murdered.

There are actually multiple Vaults on Pandora, and he plans on charging the key with Eridium to open another Vault containing an ancient Eridian weapon: The Crimson Raiders move their base to Sanctuary, and try to start over.

Five years have passed from their arrival on the planet. They survive, and another story starts; they are contacted by the Angel just like the first team. Handsome Jack needs to die, she says. And they follow her. I read that backwards. They are sent by Roland to meet up with him, as there is a chance that the Vault key is travelling on a train in that area, and if someone knows more about it, that's Mordecai.

Allow me to say, he seems to have aged a lot from Borderlands. He's even starting to go grey! I suppose that's what a few years of extreme stress and overdrinking will do to you, huh. Speaking of which, as soon as he appears it becomes evident that he's also completely shitfaced.

However, as he himself says, I'm an even better shot when I'm drunk! He provides help to the Vault Hunters by sniping perched on the very top of a tower, and patting himself on the back as he does so. He's so good, he's actually kind of annoying - he kills things before you can even get to them, and then compliments himself for the kill. Anyway, it turns out that the Vault key wasn't on that train; that doesn't seem to poke a hole in his ego, though, and he's barely ashamed of the whole fuckup.

After a while, the Vault Hunters team is contacted again by a very worried Mordecai, who is now in a base in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve: Hey, I heard about Sanctuary -- you alright? Bloodwing gave me time to get away, but Mordecai Borderlands 2 Bad news. Angel said that the Vault key is with her and is trying to help the Vault Hunters reach her, but they need an upgrade for Claptrap As it turns out, the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve is a facility built by Handsome Jack for studying the effects of slag, a by-product of Eridium ore He's doing live experiments on the animals of Pandora to create better and stronger weapons, and Bloodwing is one of the creatures that will be used for experimentation.

I know my girl can handle herself. Mordecai Borderlands 2 Mordecai himself makes it sound as if it's no big deal and he has a neatly laid out plan on the wall of the cave he's currently camping in, but the nervousness in his voice and his continuous calls betray the fact that he's quite afraid.

By when the Vault Hunters finally reach Bloodwing, it's way too late. Slag experimentation has mutated her into some sort of horrifying monster, and Handsome Jack is commanding her to attack the Vault Hunters. Never thought I'd say this, but stop fighting! Mordecai Borderlands 2 After a long fight against Bloodwing, who has been mutated to wield elemental powers, Mordecai does manage to hit her with a tranquilizer.

borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating

All that's left to do is gather the chip and bring her back to Sanctuary. It's then that Handsome Jack triumphantly announces her last power - explosion. All that's left of Bloodwing is her collar. If you are reading this, you've probably played this part, and I think you will agree with me when I say that this is one of the most heartrending scenes in any game, ever.

Mordecai truly believed that he could have saved her, and just when he thought the worst had passed, Bloodwing is murdered right under his eyes.

He's left screaming and crying and unable to do anything; he can't even process what just happened. He has dealt with all sorts of misfortunes, yet this is the first time he's truly lost everything. I watched Mordecai a lot. You know, he may be a drunken loser, but he never kept Bloodwing in a cage.