Are star and dallas from amazing race dating

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are star and dallas from amazing race dating

The Amazing Race 13 is the thirteenth installment of the American reality television show The Emily "Starr" Spangler revealed in a post-race interview that Toni and Dallas joined the other racers in Portland, competed on opposing teams – had been long-distance dating for six months, since the show completed taping. Dec 2, Dallas and Toni Imbimbo, who were eliminated from The Amazing Race 13 on Sunday's episode, missed the finale as a result. In other words. Dec 1, Dallas and Toni — the hunky college student and his doting mother — made a strong bid for The Amazing Race's $1 million prize.

That happened several times. Over the course of the season I would say Starr and I probably But as far as the last leg goes if you look at it logistically, Ken and Tina had a better cab driver for every section of that leg because every time we would get to a task they would [have gotten] there first, then we would get there and we would pass them and leave first, and then their cab would pass us and would arrive at the next task in first.

Then we would get there after them and pass them, and that just kept happening. We were already ahead at that point. We had already been to Voodoo Doughnuts and gotten in our cab before they even arrived there.

Going back to a little before Voodoo Doughnuts, you two were able to do the memory board challenge so much quicker than [Ken and Tina] as well. Had you guys been expecting something like that We knew that it was going to be a memory So as Nick and I were going down that zip line we were seeing Kenny and Tina run through these boxes and we thought "Damn, they have a fifteen minute lead on us because Nick can't start until I get down there.

Then once we saw that it was a task that we both had to do, I mean, it was just so intense. Seeing all those boxes from that bridge was absolutely incredible and it's a sight I'll never forget. From watching previous seasons we took very specific notes. Then, on that last flight -- if you remember looking at the map last night, it was a long flight from Frankfurt to Portland. I think it was like a thirteen-hour flight or something -- we spent that entire flight going back over the legs and making sure we both still remembered what happened.

You both seemed to be in control for much of the race, I think you won six of the race's 11 legs Oh yeah, seven, I'm sorry. But at what point during the race did either of you feel the most in danger of being eliminated? I would probably say [the second leg] when we got lost for two hours. We thought we were going to go from first to elimination.

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We knew all the teams were all in very close vicinity to each other, and we knew that we had left that Detour first but we were literally lost for two hours. So when we showed up at that Detour and only a couple teams were there we were so relieved to just still be in it. Yeah, that was definitely the most We had a pretty good assumption that it was a non-elimination leg. Starr, I've gotta get your side of this now, what happened between you, Kelly, Christy and that sports bra after the second leg?

Okay, let me tell you. Nick had gotten extremely sick when we were on that Pit Stop. He had gotten food poisoning, so I was going in between our room and the doctors room. I puked like over 20 times. I had his throw up in bags all over our hotel room, it was just gross. So you're not supposed to leave your room, but I had to go get the doctor and we were constantly back and forth between the rooms.

So as I'm walking back into my room, Christy opens her door, walks to the window -- and we're on the twenty-third story of a building and they've got the push out windows -- and she had hung her sports bra over a little, tiny hook. Now, I think we were in Fortaleza, Brazil, and it was windy outside, and she looks down at it, and then looks at me and says "I can't believe you did that.

I ended up crying because I was like "I can't even believe I don't know this person, and she's [saying] I threw her sports bra out the window onto a ledge or whatever. They're great people, but on [ The Amazing Race ] they were not nice people and they personally attacked me Nick several times and we never had a problem with them.

I think a friend of mine said it best when I said "Why would anybody even think of accusing somebody of that? Kelly and Christy came on [ The Amazing Race ] and they were talking about "Oh, we did cheerleading and dance in college together [in Texas]," and I go "Oh, that's awesome, you know, I cheered for the Dallas Cowboys. In my opinion it was very shocking to see these two women who are seven years Starr's senior really kind of dropping to [such a low] maturity level. That was kind of beyond us.

That was kind of the weird thing about Kelly and Christy, we kind of just held them in disbelief, like "I can't believe you're saying these things and doing these things.

Starr, also, we hear you and [Dallas Imbimbo] have been dating ever since the show? It's going very well. We got back from the show and I flew out to see him in California and we went skydiving. Since then we've gone spelunking, we've done some great adventures, so we're trying to keep the race going and it's great.

We visit each other -- I live in New York [with Nick now] and he's in California -- but he actually lives ten minutes from [where I grew up in California], which is ironic.

We went to rival high schools and know all of the same people, so we're really lucky and fortunate in that sense, we see each other a lot for the distance that's between us and it's been great, so it's going really well. Yeah, it was really hard not having him at the finish line because [he and Toni Imbimbo] were such an important team for us. We had raced with them really for the entire race and we had become very good friends.

Toni, During the Roadblock challenge in the park with the Soviet statues, at different point both of you both seemed to express some doubt in the choice of Dallas to perform the challenge. Is that accurate, and would you have chosen to switch places if you could go back and do it again?

Well you don't always know what the Roadblock is, you just get this one-liner-zinger that says "to solve a mystery literally" and that's all we knew.

Part of me sort of said that "Oh, literally? Is this gonna involve reading? Maybe I should do this one" but it had been such a long morning and we had been driving for hours and I was like "I don't think I'm as sharp today as I should be and so Dallas needs to do it.

I don't know that I would've been as strong at getting that taxi and ever finding that apartment. I had to get there and I thought I would never find my way there, so it's a toss up.

Did you two ever begin dating after the show? Yeah, we've been dating pretty much since the show ended for about six months now. Ok, so it's going well? Well, she lives in New York, I live in California, so it's going well.

are star and dallas from amazing race dating

We're just taking it how it is and one day at a time, but it's going well. The show didn't really begin hinting at a possible relationship until the show was about halfway over. Had you two been getting to know each other during the entire duration of the show or did it not develop until midway through? We fell in love on the flight to Kazakhstan.

Toni Laughs We got a chance to sit next to each other on the flight to Kazakhstan and that's where we really -- I don't know how long that flight was, it was a long, long flight -- but that's where we got to know each other and talk to each other.

There had been some playful flirting all the way from the first episode and it wasn't really until being on that plane and sitting next to each other and getting to know each other until we started beginning to like each other. We've talked to some former contestants of the show who didn't think too highly of Nick and Starr. Were either of you concerned about being linked with them at all?

Exclusive: Nick and Starr Spangler dish about 'The Amazing Race' win

No we actually enjoyed being with them. We found them to be honest people. We were all playing a game, I mean we knew it was a game, and when it was time to go we would go. We didn't have any doubts in our mind that they would do whatever they had to do to win that race, but we felt the same way. We found them to be genuine and very big-hearted throughout the entire race and I was happy to run with them.

are star and dallas from amazing race dating

I'd run with them any day. So, they were definitely more aggressive than many of the other teams. You didn't find that to be an issue? No, because I think when we were with them we were equally as aggressive and they knew it. I mean, we would've knocked them down running too. It seemed like for much of the race, at least the first half, you both were able to fly under the radar and perform consistently without getting too much attention on yourselves.

Would you agree with that?

are star and dallas from amazing race dating

Well I think that was our goal. I mean obviously I am loud, crazy, have out-of-control hair, and people usually look at that and they have their first opinions. But our main goal was just "Let's fly under the radar," we don't want anyone to really think we're a threat, and no one really did think we were a threat, nobody thought we were anybody until we just consistently performed and that was our goal.

We were going to keep our mouths shut and play our game, we're never gonna get caught up in the drama, we're not gonna be the people who call people names.

are star and dallas from amazing race dating

We're just gonna play our game, we're gonna be ourselves, we're not gonna put our character at risk and whatever is meant to happen will happen. And I do think, for us, the benefit was I do think that most teams, in general, liked us. So if they didn't like Nick and Starr it didn't matter, they didn't hold it against us. We didn't feel any animosity towards us at all.

So people kinda looked at me and thought "Oh, well that's mom," and I really don't think that they thought we were any kind of threat to them at all. And I think that even when we would consistently be up in the Top 2 or 3 all the time, it probably wasn't until four or five in [that] they finally kept going "Shoot, they keep coming in up there, what's going on?

Yeah, I was gonna ask, When did you think that you might have finally started to catch some other [teams'] attention? Well, I don't know if we even ever really caught anyone's attention because even when we got first [in the ninth leg] I mean I think people always knew that we were really strong but I don't think people ever thought that we were going to be as strong as we were.

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They thought that we would've got eliminated much earlier than we did, and I think even until the end people just didn't expect us to do as well as we did, and that's okay with us.

We didn't do this for anybody else, we didn't do this to prove anything to anybody. We did it to have fun. That's what we kept in mind the entire time, this is a once in a lifetime experience and we weren't gonna be cutthroat, we were just gonna have fun and go with it. People that wanted us to have [a different] mentality I'm guilty, as many other people are, of looking at some of these blogs [that say] "Dallas and Toni, they don't even really try. They don't even put that much effort into it.

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I'm sorry that I'm not gonna stab somebody in the back or call people names, and if that's what you have to do to win, well then that's not gonna be us and we're never gonna be those people. And I do think that we didn't look like we were that much of a threat for I looked, in the race It wasn't like Ken and Tina who were both the same age running together and looking like they're keeping up with each other.

I was running and keeping up with a year-old, very fit kid. So the fact that I was a little bit winded every once in a while What was the hardest thing that either of you did while on the race? The sequestered teams met up with the decoy teams in the final destination city, to cheer the final three teams at the finish line.

CBS posted short videos on its website after each episode aired in the Pacific Time Zone to show the eliminated teams interacting at the villa.

are star and dallas from amazing race dating

They expressed their disappointment for being eliminated so early but were also appreciative of their surroundings. Anita and Arthur were surprised but excited that it was them, and Anthony and Stephanie felt welcomed and less depressed over their elimination. The two teams then enjoyed the sights and sounds of Acapulco. They were glad that the two teams there were shocked and saddened to hear that they were eliminated.

As they retold how they were eliminated, they found Mexican wrestling masks in their room. The six were later brought, at night, to a luchadore exhibition where Anthony and Stephanie had a lack of interest and left to roam the streets instead. They were excited on how lavish the villa was. They then discussed what happened in New Zealand before they all went into town and Anthony, Stephanie, and Bill did a bungee jump.