Are sean penn and charlize theron still dating

Charlize Theron reveals why she and Sean Penn split

are sean penn and charlize theron still dating

She has stayed single since her break up with Sean Penn,57, while Charlize Theron opens up on children and dating life in When Sean Penn and Charlize Theron began filming The Last Face in , The two were friends for years before they began dating in "And the ( expletive) ghosting thing, like literally I still don't even know what it. Hollywood's Broken Engagements Charlize Theron and Sean Penn like literally, I still don't even know what it is,” Theron recalled of their split.

Theron received the brunt of the blame in the aftermath of their split, but was the leggy blonde really the only one at fault?

are sean penn and charlize theron still dating

This is the real reason Charlize and Sean broke up. He was way too intense Getty Images While Penn's abilities as an actor are rarely called into question, his ventures away from the film world have been known to court criticism.

His outspoken left-wing opinions have made him a hero to some, but those on the other side of the political spectrum have gone as far as dubbing him a communist sympathizerpointing to the way the part-time journalist glorified dictators such as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez in his work.

are sean penn and charlize theron still dating

Whether she agreed with his political leanings or not, Penn's never-ending quest for social justice and equality simply became too much for Theron to handle, with a source close to the South African beauty revealing her struggle in an exclusive with Hollywood Life.

He is a spectacular human being but he can be tiring in his seriousness and lack of having fun," the camp insider revealed. She still loves him and respects him to the fullest but she just needed to get out of his intense atmosphere.

are sean penn and charlize theron still dating

After more-or-less calling Penn a total buzz kill, the informant went on to give an insight into the couple's romantic life at the end—or the lack of it. The actors looked very much in love when they were spotted taking in the new year together while vacationing in Hawaii back inthough over the months that followed their unofficial outing as an item it became clear that the initial spark had all but disappeared, at least according to the insider.

According to a source close to Penn, everything came to a head in an instant when the Mad Max: Fury Road star abruptly stopped talking to her then-boyfriend during the Cannes Film Festival and didn't speak to him again after that, axing him from her life completely.

The frustrated actress let loose during her session with the Wall Street Journal's glossy lifestyle mag, telling them that when it comes to celebrity power couples, the media always feel a need to sensationalize the events of a break up.

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn split because 'he pushed too hard for marriage' -

It's just its own beast," she said. After clearing that up and taking it down a notchthe actress offered up her own version of events, claiming that the decision to bring their relationship to an end was a mutual one.

And we both decided to separate. A source close to the couple told People via Hello! Charlize says this is it. Jackson already calls Sean daddy. This is the first step towards them getting married.

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn 'to marry in South Africa this summer before adopting baby together'

The stories that Sean was going to adopt Jackson and all of that was not true. It's not something that happens in 18 months. You can't do that to a child.

EXCLUSIVE - Charlize Theron and Sean Penn enjoy a romantic dinner at Tetou Restaurant kissing

It can't be easy for the couple - who called off their engagement in July after eighteen months together - to promote the movie following the break-up, but after appearing to ignore each other through the photocall and interviews, finally acknowledged each other as the night came to an end. Standing on the stairs at the end of the night, Charlize wrapped her arms around the actor, who looked deep in thought as he held onto the South African beauty.

are sean penn and charlize theron still dating

Sean and Charlize embrace Image: Getty Images The actor looked downcast Image: Getty Images As onlookers watched the embrace Sean appeared a little emotional to be reunited with his former wife-to-be, who he split from almost a year ago. Charlize then planted a tender kiss on the year-old's cheek while she held his head, an intimate move that was clearly more than just a polite gesture.

The relationship ended last summer Image: Getty Images But clearly emotions were still running high Image: Getty Images The blonde babe, whose mother is Sean's ex-wife Robin Wright, looked incredible in a strapless floor-length purple gown and seemed happy to pose with her father, with the pair appearing oblivious to Theron.

Sean Penn and daughter Dylan Image: Charlize didn't need a date Image: