Are pique and shakira still dating 2012

Shakira and Gerard Piqué's Love Story |

are pique and shakira still dating 2012

Oct 14, Piqué and Shakira. At the time Shaki had been dating Argentinian businessman Their first son was conceived at the end of spring 7. Mar 13, The celebrity couple, who have two sons together, have been dating since and the rest of Barcelona squad will still be smiling after the clash with Chelsea . defeating Barca on their way to winning the competition back in Barcelona defender Gerard Pique attends Shakira's European tour. Jan 30, With Shakira and Gerard Pique welcoming their second son, let's take a look at how much Piqué and his girlfriend of four years, a year-old Colombian singer you may have heard of And did we mention this guy is still only 27 years old? . May Wins the Copa del Rey with Barcelona again.

are pique and shakira still dating 2012

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