Are matt and kim dating 2013 honda

➤➤ Are matt and kim dating

are matt and kim dating 2013 honda

Having been the first band to ever play on the Honda Civic Tour in , The exhilaration of their first arena concert was unmistakable as Matt and Kim's high "First Date," "What's My Age Again," " Dammit" and "All The Small Things" The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA 9/28/13 October 16, am. Are matt and kim dating Their second episode the Honda Civic Tour. Schifino studied film Diary of basketball player, Pat the credits of dog matt knows . The two began dating and moved in together after 3 months. supported Blink- and My Chemical Romance during select dates on the Honda Civic Tour. In February and March , Matt and Kim toured the US with Passion Pit.

We're still having the contractors going in there and everything, so I have to say I'm terrified something's going to happen that makes us not get it. I've been a nervous wreck the past week. You have to think positively. I mean, if we want it we have it, Kim. Does it have outdoor space? I grew up in Vermont with nothing but outdoor space. My parents would open the door and be like, "See you later! I've been [in New York City] 10 years and haven't had a lick of outdoor space.

So it'll be nice to have. Kim is for some reason freaked out by grass though. She won't sit on it. She just wants to pave over it. I'm excited about maybe getting a dog though.

Matt & Kim

Sometimes we go to the dog park during lunchtime breaks or whatever and watch from the outside. You can't go in unless you have a dog. I always wonder if people are creeped out by us even being on the outside of the park, gawking at their dogs. There's this one kind of dog I want really badly.

This is gonna sound so pathetic, but I have pictures cut from magazines of this dog. Matt knows what it is. We already named it. It's gonna be "Shorty. Did you have a hard time finding a place you both liked?

We did search for about a year, but we agreed on everything we wanted for the most part. Kim and I bizarrely agree on a lot of stuff, like way more than two people who spend 24 hours a day together should.

Somehow we don't want to kill each other; that's the amazing thing. We're kind of the same person. We shared a cell phone for like six years. How did you call each other? We never had to—we're always together! What was on your list when you were house hunting?

We wanted at least three bedrooms because we both do a lot of work at home. Surprisingly, for a band, 95 percent of the work has nothing to do with music.

are matt and kim dating 2013 honda

Kim's always answering emails. We're just really involved with everything from the artwork to our music videos, so…we both wanted our own office space. We've been sharing one room as an office, but it makes it really easy for Kim to turn to me and be like, "Hey, what do you think of this?

Matt and Kim: 'We decided, 'Hey, f*ck it, our relationship does matter'' | Gigwise

I think it might be a scientific fact that men cannot multitask. So we needed our own workspace. Matt isn't very organized at all. I organize everything in our place except his computer.

Matt and Kim Thanking Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance on 10/1/11

I'm the kind of dude that when the desktop gets full, I just drag it all into one folder called "desktop. Did you know for sure that you wanted to stay in Brooklyn?

Real Couple: Matt & Kim: Movin' and Groovin' - Love & Sex - Real Couples

We both grew up in the Northeast, so it's nice being a few hours away from where we both started out. I don't know, it's a weird addiction.

Did you tell her about how you proposed when we were looking for a place?

are matt and kim dating 2013 honda

You guys are engaged? No, not proposed like marriage-proposed. After a year of looking, we were hanging out in LA and went over to my friend's place, which is a great house in Silver Lake.

So I peeked at some real estate—it's so much more affordable than it is here. I was like, "Kim, we should move to LA.

The Honda Civic Tour 2011: Blink-182, MCR & Matt & Kim

And I said, "Hell no, thank you! You weren't serious, were you Matt? I was kind of serious. I think it was a desperate feeling. Yeah, not to get all serious but We don't see our families or friends a whole lot. We hadn't found a place, we were stuck living in the place we're in now and things just seemed to be getting worse than they'd been in the past six years…. But luckily, we've had a good year. Is it ready to move into, or are you going to do any major work first? We're moving the kitchen from the downstairs to the upstairs, so that's a big job.

It's a fully gut-renovated building, so it's a good slate to start with. The dream is not to have a practice space anymore and just be able to have a room set up in our apartment. So we're talking about soundproofing…. Are you bringing any of the furniture you have or buying all new stuff? We have some finds—like a couple of old '50s tables and some cool, old chairs—but we're definitely looking forward to getting new things.

We'd always see things we wanted and not be able to get them because we cannot fit another thing into our [current] apartment. We live in less than square feet now, and the new place is around 2, or 3, We're at the point where we're thinking about what's going to go where, and every day I'm going to the store to buy another home magazine…. I'd definitely like to get rid of all our [low-end] furniture. I think that's another grown-up step.

Is there anything you've seen that you can't wait to get? There are a lot of great stores around [Williamsburg]. But I also know that in Vermont, the used furniture market is a lot less expensive. We want to take a road trip with a box truck and see what we can find. We want a giant kitchen table, one of those really big tables with a thick wooden top.

Yeah, my brother and I did our homework at our kitchen table every day. We didn't go to our rooms. So the table's one thing. And we need a bed frame. We definitely need a really good couch.

I want either two couches or a sectional because we're always competing and trying to fit when we lie down.

And I always get the bad end of the deal. He just takes up the most amount of space. It's a very "old country" feel. The first time I went to Matt's parents' house, I loved it. It's a Vermont-style house that just has this nice homey feel with, like, clapboards on the bottom and… What do you call that? You're not going to be able to explain this! I don't know, we like things that feel…like [exposed] beams and chipped paint… We like the old personality of places rather than super-new, super-clean.

It has to have a feeling of history or whatnot…. We're going to coin that. I don't think we can coin that because I think it exists. Do you like to decorate with personal stuff or buy made art for the walls? We're definitely buying a lot more art now. In art school, we'd trade pieces, so we started building our collection that way. Now we're buying stuff. I'm really into buying stuff at galleries.

He doesn't like to go to museums because he can't buy the stuff. Like, they show it to you but you can't buy it? What are you most looking forward to about the new place? Well, it's just so gross in the building we live in now. Tell her what I saw in the hallway M: Kim looked through the peephole one time and thought she saw someone pissing in the hallway.

But no, it wasn't that. It was two people having sex right outside of our [apartment] door. We were just about to leave and head out on tour and There's this drug dealer who goes up to our roof. And I like to play detective and write down every time I see him going up to the roof. They had a great stage presence — you know a band really loves what they do when they look like they are having fun on stage.

are matt and kim dating 2013 honda

My cousin and his girlfriend, who went with us to the concert, got a great photo with Matt! The lead guitarist spat all over the stage at the show and I was anxious to see if he was going to do the same thing during this concert.

Well, they were superb. The snarky attacks, the not-so-well hidden resentment over their break up that had ruined the reunion concert wad gone. In its place was the comraderie and passion for music and performing that made me fall in love with them all those hears ago!

are matt and kim dating 2013 honda

Where do I start? That engagement of the audience is what made me take notice of Mark the first time I saw Blink in concert in Tom was his loud-mouthed, perverted normal self — which is really half the show, if you ask most Blink fans. We love the banter; it includes us fans in a level of familiarity that makes the band members seem so much more personable.

I was as excited to hear their new music as I was to hear my old favorites. For that, I can forgive them for not singing my favorite song. While I do really love Angels and Airwaves, and I completely appreciate that signature sound being a part of this new Blink album, I have to say that I really appreciate the fact that most of the new album sounds like Blink It did, and you know what?

As we all know, the iPhone takes totally shitty photos in the dark!