Aakanksha singh and kunal karan kapoor dating

Aakanksha singh and kunal karan kapoor dating quotes

aakanksha singh and kunal karan kapoor dating

Kunal Karan Kapoor's (aka Mohan Bhatnagar of Naa Bole Tum Naa Maine Kuch Kaha fame) dad There had also been hot talks about him dating his Naa Bole Tum Naa Maine Kuch Kaha co – star, the sultry and beautiful Akanksha Singh. aakanksha singh,aakanksha singh kiss,aakanksha singh and kunal karan kapoor dating. Of Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer Kendal's three children, Kunal Kapoor is his elder brother and Sanjana Kapoor is Karan Kapoor's younger sister.

A city which sets me free….

aakanksha singh and kunal karan kapoor dating

A flood of recollections came rushing…. About happiness, contentment, a simple life and friends. My earliest memories are of Bombay…. The family roots were in Mumbai- a slew of them…. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, second cousins, spread across the length since there is very little breadth of the city. My father was in the Air Force, so we travelled the country on postings. Summer vacations were invariably in Bombay. Thus giving me the most enriching moments of my life.

aakanksha singh and kunal karan kapoor dating

My nani and mausi lived in Worli…. I had friends in all the houses. A HUGE fish market close by made for entertaining visit with nani. Colourful, thriving, throbbing with life, full of vitality, rushing at a great pace…life in Bombay for me.

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The vacations were idyllic. Playing with my dolls, getting them married, swinging on the makeshift swing my nani used to rig up for me, eating, sleeping, movie outings, meals at family homes, LOTS of books to read and lots and lots of companionable conversation, a normal loving home. Simple pleasures, simple joys.

Shaping my personality for the years to come. What I also learned, though I realised it only later was the absolute melting pot of cultures I got exposed to and learnt from. Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, Sindhis, Marwaris, they all taught me a bit about themselves. The language, the food, the nuances have stayed with me through the years.

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I know kanda, batata, kothmir as I know aloo-pyaz, dhania! I love little vatis of dal with varan as much as I do my aloo paraths. I love sai-bhaji-A Sindhi dish bursting with greenssurprisingly healthy AND mouth wateringly delicious. Ganpati, Govinda, Gudi Padwa were our festivals-celebrated in all their fervour by all in the community. Ganpati in fact is my favourite festival- as much for the lovable Vighnaharta Vinayak as for the community feel and tremendous sense of belonging it gives.

I always wanted to celebrate Ganpati back here in Delhi too but it somehow has never happened. I do manage till laddoos on Sankranti, the occasional dandiya —raas garba twirl during navratri and Maharashtrian sarees always! The beats of the dhol from Bombay make me want to break into that rapturous, unfettered dancing which is so Mumbaiyya!

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As I grew, the dolls went, the books increased, the outings and family remained the same. Kunal Karan Kapoor Mother Kunal lost his mother at an early age. His persona makes one shower him with boundless love and affection. He must have made his mom proud by being the person he is and a beautiful human being above all, wherever she is, she must be caringly and lovingly watching over him which makes him face the world with so much confidence and take life with both the ups and downs with equal ease and never getting carried away by anything by being so grounded, finding happiness in the smallest things in life!

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Kunal Karan Kapoor Girlfriend There had been gossips about the good looking actor that he had a six years live — in relationship with a model. The dhaabawaalas at the roadside eateries used to recognize them and click pictures with them!

aakanksha singh and kunal karan kapoor dating

However, things fell apart after few months due to which Kunal and the girl fell out of love. It seems as if the guy is unlucky in love in real life! It had been heard that Kunal went through hell when the breakup happened, so much so that he has never fallen in love after that.

aakanksha singh and kunal karan kapoor dating

Looks like she had been someone in his life without whom he used to get restless and could neither be at ease. Whenever he has time up his sleeves, he prefers to take — off to different places and explore his quest for adventure. Kunal has always been a very emotional guy who at times has this tendency of bursting into tears.

aakanksha singh and kunal karan kapoor dating