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I share ahead happen whether I'll rate ordinary to vote this ' 6teen when '. never, not if by some 6teen when do nikki, I told a same science, I get that she will. There, Jonesy revealed to Jude that he did indeed like Nikki, and he asked her out. Nikki next started dating Stone in "Jonesy's Low Mojo," but she asked her. 6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating - een - All The Tropes.

In 6teen's series finaleNikki finds out that she has to move with her parents to Iqaluit, Nunavut due to her father getting a new job there. Wong's objections because of Jonesy living under the same roofand the Wongs later appear to change their minds about moving so that Nikki can remain together with the gang, but Nikki, who realizes that her parents have made sacrifices for her over time, decides to do the same for them and agrees to move up north with them.

As one of her final acts before moving, Nikki sticks it to The Clones by quitting the Khaki Barn for good, then at a going away party thrown for her by the gang at Grind Meshe promises to keep in touch with her friends.

Afterward at the Big SqueezeNikki calls Jonesy from her Iqaluit-bound plane and promises to stay involved with him as the gang bids her farewell. She devises a plan to take the day off work to join her friends at the mall's indoor amusement park " The Big Sickie "and she befriends Caitlin, after her initial attitude of low-key hostility toward the peppy rich girl, and accepts her into the gang after Caitlin helps to convince a reluctant Jen to take the day off as well.

Nikki competes with Jude over who will get one of two backstage passes Wyatt has obtained for a concert by rock band The Mighty Weasels " A Lime to Party "but Wyatt decides not to give either one the second pass after their competition gets out of hand. She temporarily assumes management of the Khaki Barn after assistant manager and head Clone Chrissy goes out " The Sushi Connection "and she gets revenge on Caitlin's behalf against Kyle Donaldson a notorious womanizer who took Cait out on a disastrous date by convincing Kyle to buy two pairs of too-small cargo pants.

Nikki falls victim to Chrissy's scheme to try to mold her into the ideal Khaki Barn employee through the use of reverse psychology by making her the store's employee of the month " Employee of the Month "but her friends snap her out of the brainwashing techniques used by the Khaki Barn and, after coming to her senses, she makes sure Chrissy knows she won't be controlled.

She tries out for the American Idol -like Star Contest and purposely delivers a bad audition to give Wyatt a chance to win the local competition " Idol Time at the Mall " and is one of the subjects of the song Wyatt performs to win the contest. She and Jonesy go on their first date, a trip to the movies " The Fake Date "and they literally get at each other's throats when they get stuck in an elevator together afterward.

Although she publicly professes to hate boy bands, Nikki wins a competition to appear in a video for the boy band DawgToy, angering Jen who had also auditioned and thought herself a shoo-in to win in the process " The Girls in the Band "and Nikki's secret crush on DawgToy is later accidentally exposed, which she confesses to Jen and Caitlin before she invites both girls to join her for the band's show and the post-show backstage party.

Nikki and Jonesy start becoming more attracted to each other romantically, despite Caitlin, Jen and Wyatt's efforts to prevent it from happening, after she gets Jonesy a job at the Khaki Barn " Clonesy ". She boycotts celebrating Valentine's Day due to past bad experiences with dates on that day " Stupid Over Cupid " and she convinces Jen and Caitlin to join her for some dateless fun, then she saves Jonesy, who has set up a Valentine's Day date auction to try to score a date but sees his plan backfire when he gets less-than-welcome bids from some unexpected bidders, by placing a last-second bid which has a price on it for him.

She comes down sick with food poisoning after eating tainted samples of a snack food called Roast Burkey Chunklets, which Jude unintentionally allowed to turn putrid when he forgets to plug in the freezer he puts them in after Jonesy entrusts him with their storage " The Khaki Girl ".

She helps Wyatt, who is afraid of heights, get down from the top of a tall ladder outside of Spin This by making him forget his fear " The Swami "doing so by criticizing his choice of favorite rock bands and getting him to argue with her about it as he neglects to notice he's climbing down the ladder.

She beats Jude in a staring contest as part of a "Battle of the Sexes" when Jude forgets what he's doing and quickly blinks first " Bring It On "then she, Caitlin and Jen lend Jude, Jonesy and Wyatt a hand when the guys are forced to admit defeat after they get in over their heads looking after some bratty kids in the mall's daycare.

In "Jonesy's List", despite Wayne spending most of the episode trying to get said list, his reaction to the picture of Jonesy's butt hints he may swing a bit the other way. In the Grand Finale Nikki's family moves to Iqaluit after her father gets his dream job; the episode ends with the remaining five realizing that while she's not there right now, their lives will still be all right without her and they'll still be in contact with each other.

Nikki's family even agrees not to move after seeing how much Nikki's friends care about her, but she decides that she has to do the mature thing and move anyway so her father can have his dream.

Prevalent throughout the series. However, some real world bands do get mentioned from time to time. Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce: One turns up in Dude of the Living Dead, and eventually becomes a Chekhov's Gun when it turns out to be an effective zombie-killer. Caitlin, Nikki and Jen. InPopGirl in the UK suddenly started censoring the show after a few years of airing it uncut. All onscreen vomiting is cut. In "Deck the Mall", they edited the scene where Stanley pants'd Jonesy in front of Yummy Mummy and got him fired so it looked like he got fired for taking back the candy cane after Stanley made fun of him.

In "Unhappy Anniversary", they cut every mention of the bowl Jonesy made looking like a boob.

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Though they kept the joke about Jude wanting to have it and stroking it. Nice Guy", they cut the part where the girls said they thought Jonesy and Wyatt were gay, but in "Dude of the Living Dead," they left in the scene of Jonesy getting a job at a women's clothing store by claiming he's gay so he can get away with peeping in the changing rooms.

Despite the previous edit, they still air "Stupid Over Cupid" uncut, keeping in the Gay Cowboy wanting to date Jonesy. When Cartoon Network a channel known for lacing dodgy content in their original programming, yet editing out the same dodgy content in any imported programming, like the Looney Tunes cartoons and any anime series aired this, the show was heavily censored, removing any and all suggestive content and banning two episodes: Nice Guy" which centers on homosexuality and "Enter the Dragon" which centers on menstrual cycles and how they affect women.

Nickelodeon also edited the series and Bratty Half-Pint: Stanley, Yummy Mummy's son. Each member of the gang plays the role at least once, but Jonesy is the most common.

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Averted—while the show is technically a Canadian series that takes place in Canada the Galleria Mall is a combination of attributes from two of Canada's most famous malls, the Eaton Centre in Toronto and the West Edmonton Mall in Edmontonit doesn't really feature any of the traditional stereotypes.

This ambiguity is acknowledged in the reunion special "Vote, Dude" which encourages young Americans to vote in the midterm elections when, after the main cast spend the whole episode talking about American politics, Darth walks by and reminds them that they're Canadian and can't vote in U.

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Jonesy and Nikki—they and the rest of the gang minus Caitlin have known each other since they were in Kindergarten, and in an early episode before they became an Official Couple it's mentioned that Jonesy has had feelings since they were at least There are actually 3 of these, Chrissy is a big Star Wars geek but hides it from her friends.

This is Hilarious in Hindsight because she's one of the clones. Jude appears to show signs every now and then of him being a little off.

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Curse Cut Short There are many uses of this involving the word 'Bitch'. Jen has one who she's jealous of—at least until it turns out to be Mutual Envy. The reason that Caitlin got her job at The Lemon and met the other 5. Also a recurring weakness, if she ever gets completely out of debt. In "The Birthday Boy", when the gang tell Wyatt they're going to throw him a birthday party, completely forget to do so, and and make him think a bridal shower is for him to hide it.

A melancholy version of the main theme appears in the series finale and drives home the point that the series is actually ending. Nikki and Jonesy have known each other for almost all their lives since they were children.

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However, unknown to Nikki despite Jonesy's womanising ways, he has always been secretly in love with her since he was years old. Jonesy and Nikki share a love-hate relationship due to their clashing and alternate personalities, but ultimately share a close relationship. In the first season, Jonesy confesses to Jude about his feelings for Nikki and decides to gather his courage and confess to Nikki, but unknown to them, Caitlin secretly overheard them.

She soon informs the rest of the gang and they decide to stop Jonesy and Nikki's relationship before it begins, believing their friendship and the gang will be torn apart if they break up.

Jen and Caitlin approach Nikki and make her believe that Jonesy will ask her to babysit his younger brother and tell her refuse, thus ultimately she will reject Jonesy's request to go on a date. Later at the Khaki Barn after hours, Nikki and Jonesy are alone and Jonesy then tries to ask Nikki on a date and make the setting more romantic, including playing music from her favourite band. However, Nikki quickly catches on and believing that he is attempting to ask her to babysit, she refuses Jonesy, harshly and deeply hurts his feelings.

Later, Nikki becomes jealous when she notices the Clones spending so much time with Jonesy, causing Nikki to realize her true feelings for him. Later when the Clones attempt to have lunch with Jonesy, Nikki drags him away from them and they have lunch together themselves. During this time, Nikki and Jonesy get into an argument as Jonesy accidently spills food on Nikki and tries to clean it off.