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Drow elf name generator male

drow elf name generator male

For multiclass characters, choose the class in which the character is most powerful or uses skills most often.
Dil/Dur, dirz/Div, dris/Riz, eclav/Elk, elvan/Kalan Elv/Elaug Erel/Rhyl Ethe/Erth Faer/Selds Felyn/Fil Filf/Phar Gauss/Orgoll G'eld Ghuan Gin/Din Grey/Gul Hael/Hatch Hal/Sol Houn/Rik Iiv/Dip Iim Illiam/Im In/Sorn Ilph Irae/Ilzt In/Izz Iym/Ist Jan/Duag Jhael/Gel Jhul/Jar Jys/Driz Lael/Llt Lar/Les LiNeer/Mourn Lird/Ryld Lua/Lyme Mal/Malag May/Mas cecile corbel songbook vol 1 Micar Min/Ran Mol/Go Myr/Nym Nath/Mer Ned/Nad Nhil/Nal.
In traditional Lolthian society it would be rare for a male to be given feminine name pieces - but males might use feminized names in secret societies, especially if feminine names are the ones with power.
When you generate names, play with them a little to see how they can best fit together. .If you are having trouble making a name sound just right, try adding a letter or two (vowels tend to work well) or an apostrophe between the pieces.This site strives to use any trademarks or intellectual property of Wizards, Paizo, and others under their respective policies.Male, female, random, falcon 4.0 allied force manual characters race: Note that the name generator produces names for player character races only.Belar/Bruh, briz/Berg, bur/Bhin, chal/Chasz, char/Kron, chess/Cal, dhaun.Please link to articles rather than reposting.Random, judge on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being an unknown or new hero, 5 a hero well-known locally, and 10 a far-spread legend or near-mythical personage.

Original content/characters are Kismet Rose.
From "By Any Other Name: The Drow" by Owen.C.
Characters class: randomarcane (NPC) Adept(NPC) Aristocrat(NPC) Commoner(NPC) Expert(NPC) Warrior Prestige class; see DMG.Keep gender politics in mind when you are making Drow names. .A choice with an (NPC) designation is one of the NPC classes listed in the.Personal name prefixes, prefix (Female/Male meaning, akor/Alak.Male, complex Name, female.Random, how famous is the character?Input the first letter of your surname (last name).* -abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz hint: You can generate more new names by entering the first letter of your friends names instead of your own, or by just entering random letters.For more information about Wizards of the Coast and any of their holdings, please visit their website at ( m ).