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Change system font mac os x lion

change system font mac os x lion

This app changes the system font, used in menu bars, menus, the Finder, Dock, window title bars, and elsewhere.
A few known font display bugs.
Then along bitdefender 9 internet security came Yosemite, where the Mac system font was changed to the generally unpopular Helvetica Neue.
First, download Fira System Font Replacement.The System font replacement package has been prepared by Jens Kutilek.Apple has since improved font readability considerably by changing the default system font yet again in Ol Capitan, this time to a new font called San Francisco.As I stated at the start, this wont work with just any font.While the San Francisco font is considerably better as a display font than Helvetica Neue, its still not quite as readable for some Mac users and on some non-retina displays as Lucida Grande.Best of all, its easy to do and involves absolutely no hacking of system files.For those who might wish to understand what this app is doing to replace the system font in OS X: its quite simple, the Lucida Grande El Capitan app works by creating a new patched version of the Lucida Grande font and placing that system.Consider starting a backup of the Mac with Time Machine and waiting for it to finish if you havent done so in a while, its unlikely youll have any problems but backing up is good practice anyway.Perhaps in the future Apple will introduce a bold fonts option in Occessibility preferences to make default font text easier for some Mac users to read, much like the bold fonts choice in iOS.

Indeed, going from San Francisco to Lucida Grande is much more subtle than abandoning Helvetica Neue for Lucida Grande or for Comic Sans, so if youve never thought twice about the system font in Ol Capitan let alone in Yosemite or Mavericks, you probably wont.
They are based on the.
If you dont like Fira Sans as the system font, you can simply remove the fonts from the Fonts folder and relaunch the Finder again.
Indeed there are a few text kerning and spacing bugs with the initial release patch, presumably a fix will resolve those issues shortly.
In other words, its simply creating a new font file that is recognized by OS X as being the default system font, thus when Mac OS X boots it loads that new system font file version of Lucida grande rather than San Francisco it does.What About Changing the Default System Font to a Different Font?The most annoying is likely found in Safari where multiple tabs start squishing the text together in a tab title, heres what it looks like: Again, a future release of the Lucida Grande replacement font will likely resolve that issue.The Lucida Grande font is known for its crisp and obvious readability which makes it a great user interface font, and it rightfully served as the Mac OS X default system font for many years.Now simply relaunch the Finder.Looks Interesting, But How Does this App Replace the System Font?Replacing the Mac System Font in Ol Capitan to Lucida Grande (from Mavericks).Go here to download the El Capitan Lucida Grande app, its free and open source if you feel like poking around the code yourself.But, for users who either just prefer Lucida Grande due to longstanding habit, or because its easier for them to read on a particular display, this little unofficial font patch is a nice modification to Mac.